My Road to Becoming a Writer - Without a GPS System

It certainly is funny, the twists and turns of life; the paths you choose and the ones you don’t. Sometimes, life puts a road block on the path you chose and then you have to navigate a different road…without the help of a GPS system.

Growing up I was always drawn to writing and drawing, but upon graduating high school never thought of it as a career. Instead, I choose bookkeeping. At the time, the early 1970s, a lot of seventeen and eighteen-year-old girls didn’t even think of college. The Leave It to Beaver era still had a hold on our society; girls got married and raised a family. Without a second thought, this was the next path I chose. This path had its ups and downs until the mid-eighties. The divorce rate was up and so was my marriage. This was my first road block.

With two very young children, I did housecleaning and care giving until my youngest child started kindergarten. Out of necessity, this was my third path chosen. Then, I was fortunate to find a bookkeeping job with flexible hours; I was able to bring my children to school and pick them up. It was at this job that I first thought of going to college to become an accountant. My boss, who was younger than I was, put the idea in my head. He urged and even encouraged me to go for it. I regret to this day that I never really thanked him for his support. It took ten years, but I finally received my bachelor degree and I became assistant controller for a manufacturing company.

I had every intention of continuing my education toward an MBA, but life with its twists and turns had other ideas. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to stop working. This was my second major road block. The first few years I wasn’t able to even contemplate doing something else. But, then, by the grace of God, I found the most extraordinary acupuncturist and herbalist. Now, while I still have limitations, I am able to devote time to writing.

Life is so amazing. If I didn’t have to support myself and my children I am sure I would never have gone to college. There are so many roads, some you take willing and others are forced upon you, one road leading to another and some roads leading nowhere. I am so grateful I found a road leading here. I seem to have come full circle.


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Carma Dutra said...

Karen this is such a motivating story. God does know what he is doing and through adversity comes success. You are a testimony to everyone who says "I can't."