Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virtual Book Tours March 1st Schedule

Here it is, the first of our NEW once a month schedule.

Deborah Ramos is hosting Joyce Anthony
Dianne Sagan is hosting Sally Murphy
Harry Gilleland is hosting Mark Bradley
Karen Cioffi is hosting Pam Devor
Kathy Stemke is hosting Kevin McNamee
Lea Schizas is hosting Dorothy Massey
Nancy Famalari is hosting Penny Sansevieri
Suzanne Lieurance is hosting Deborah Ramos
Vivian Zabel is hosting Dianne Sagan
Margaret Fieland is hosting Harry Gilleland
Ransom Noble is hosting Karen Cioffi
Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Kathy Stemke
Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Lea Schizas
Joyce Anthony is hosting Nancy Famalari
Sally Murphy is hosting Suzanne Lieurance
Pam Devor is hosting Vivian Zabel
Mark Bradley is hosting Margaret Fieland
Kevin McNamee is hosting Ransom Noble
Dorothy Massey is hosting Crystalee Calderwood
Penny Sansevieri is hosting Elysabeth Eldering

Be sure to stop back on the first and visit with these great authors. And, it would be great if you leave a comment!

To all of you authors out there, leave a message in Comments if you're interested in becoming a Virtual Book Tours member. Please leave a Twitter or Facebook url so I can get back to you.

See you in blog world,

1 comment:

Katie Hines said...

Sounds like you have a great tour set up. I went to the Facebook invitation, but couldn't figure out how to accept the invitation. I'll go back and see if I can't figure it out. I'm not real proficient with Facebook yet.