What is Email Marketing, Anyway?

Simply put: Email Marketing is a means of getting the email addresses from potential customers and using those addresses to inform them of what you're offering. It is also what I am currently researching.

Can you do it yourself?

Well, if you have a new business or one that doesn't have too many subscribers, and you don't expect your business to boom overnight, I'd say, yes.

Most email marketing services charge a monthly fee to maintain this service, you need to factor that into the equation. My suggestion here is to create a spreadsheet of what your monthly expenses are in regard to your business, along with your monthly income from that business.

Tip: The services that lure you in offering free opt-in service make it so difficult for you to input all your information and install the opt-in box that you get disgusted and opt for their paid service just to get the support. Please, stay clear of these services.

While, the reputable email marketing services do offer management services for your subscribers, unless you have too many subscribers to handle, you should be able to handle the basics yourself. You can always join a service later on when the income from your business warrants it.

How do I get subscribers?

Ah, the $1,000,000 question. The key to this is to provide quality and needed information that a reader will want more of. Have a contact box and ask them to subscribe to your informational emails or newsletter. It's your efforts, quality articles, and marketing skills that will entice your reader to provide a name and email address. And, don't forget to utilize article writing for ezines to bring traffic back to your site.

My next marketing article will explain what to do with those email addresses.

See you in blog world,

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