Back to School Basics for Teachers

Well, so much for summer break. The grind is just around the corner. Yeah, I know two months isn’t long enough, but hey, it’s pretty good. Start getting in gear to go back to the professional attire and mindset, early morning rising, and don’t forget to get your bladder in shape so that one daily visit to the rest room will be enough.

Okay, let’s go down the checklist for the things you’ll need to get prepared for the inevitable day:

1. Don’t forget to wait until the last minute to get your teacher supplies at the teacher store so you’ll have time to make an hour worth of phone calls while you’re waiting on line because all the other teachers waited for the last minute also.

2. Get started writing your lesson plans for the first couple of weeks, but don’t get too attached to them because you know they’ll change once you get in the swing of things.

3. Remember to agonize over picking that first day’s book that you’ll read to your class. Of course, they will be absolutely enthralled and give you 100% of their attention – they’ve been waiting all summer to have this book read to them.

4. Create a new schedule plan. No more beach days; no more waking up at 10am; no more having the use of a restroom ANY time of the day; no more use of the phone anytime of the day; no more eating whenever you want; and no more peace and quiet.

5. Start working today to get your body and mind prepared for 30 restless kids with different personalities, strengths and weakness; for 30 sets of parents with different personalities; for the school administration, and for your co-workers. Start building your strength, stamina, and inner resilience – you’re going to need it.

6. Get your mindset in order. Repeat the following mantra 100 – 1000 times a day:
My days in class will be productive and calm; my students will not affect my well-being; I will remember my teaching skills; my students are great and I love them; my students enjoy learning; all my students will pass the State tests with flying colors; my students’ parents are wonderful as is my school administration.

7. Calm your nerves. You will be able to teach again; you will be able to get back into your professional mode; you will be able to concentrate on what you’re doing.

8. Watch those late nights. Be sure to start at least a week before school and go to bed at a reasonable hour. You will definitely need your rest.

9. Mark the calendar: 180 working days to go until next summer’s vacation – let the countdown begin!

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Cat in the road said...

Clever posting, very humorous. I like your tips for potential writers. Using a soft green for your print and background makes your Blog easy to read. You've given me some helpful hints. Thanks.

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Scribe816. I'm glad you like the article and site - you put a smile on my face!

Carol J. Amato said...

Very humorous article! I'm going to let my teacher friends know about it.

Carol J. Amato

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks so much Carol, I appreciate it!


Karen Cioffi said...

Oh, you may also like the August 25th post: Back to School Countdown.

Just scroll down a bit.


Cathy said...

Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks for stopping by Cathy!