Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Martha Swirzinski, Children's Author

For Writers on the Move’s November 2009 Anniversary Tour we have three new members in our merry band of authors. It is my pleasure to host one of the newbies: Marth Swirzinski!

Let’s get to know Martha a little:

The holder of a Bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation from Clemson University and a master’s from the University of Maryland in Kinesiology, Ms. Martha Swirzinski has more than 15 years of experience working in the field of movement with children.  She is also a certified personal fitness trainer.  She currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband and two daughters.

“More and more research is being developed about the rise of obesity in children,” notes Ms. Swirzinski, who teaches movement education in a local pre-school and offers teacher training workshops and customized consultations.  At the same time, numerous studies continue to link increased brain function and movement, she explains.  “Being active grows new brain cells!”

Ms. Swirzinski believes that every child should be afforded structured movement opportunities every day to promote an active, healthy lifestyle and become part of a lifelong regime.

It is along this vein that Ms. Swirzinski has published three children’s books focused on movement.  Using entertaining rhymes and charming pictures, these developmentally based books offer fun and creative ways for children to move while also providing mind stimulating activities on each page. By following the suggested activities, children can engage in 30-60 minutes of their recommended structured daily movement, as well as enhancing other mind/body skills. Designed to be enjoyed again and again, the pages of these books are filled with laughter, learning, movement and more.

Martha’s books are: “Leap… Laugh… Plop,” “Guess… Giggle… Wiggle,” and “Kick… Catch… Buzz”

Martha, creating children’s books that encourage movement and reading is such a great way to get children academically and physically engaged! Your book titles are wonderful. Let’s see what each is about:

1.)  Leap...Laugh...Plop                

This book introduces children to locomotor movement skills. It keeps children laughing and learning on each wonderful page. 

2.) Guess… Giggle… Wiggle

This book challenges children to identify the animals based on clues.  The book keeps children moving alongside the locomotor skills. As with the first in the series Leap… Laugh… Plop, each page of this second book is filled with wonderful suggestions that incorporate the social, emotional and mental aspects of childhood development. 

3.)  Kick...Catch...Buzzz

The third book In the series, Kick… Catch… Buzzz  This book introduces children to the manipulative movement skills. Each page offers kids the opportunity to participate in fun movement and lively discussion.

These three books offer the ultimate mind/body connection. When children move both their bodies and minds are strengthened.

Martha, these books sound wonderful. They are on my “To Get” list for my grandsons.

To learn more about Martha and her books, please visit:


Well, that’s it for my touring part of the VBT – Writers on the Move November 2009 Anniversary Tour. I want to thank Martha for being my guest on this special tour. It’s great to have her as part of our group!

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Karen Cioffi
Writing for Children


Deborah Weed said...

I had fun just reading your review. The interactive aspect leaped off the page. This is a book for every parent who wants their children to sleep through the night. Especially since it will encourage children to burn off some energy naturally.

Gayle said...

What a wonderful cause, Martha. It appears you've made reading as fun (or more!) as video games!

madcapmaggie said...

Martha, too bad these books weren't available when my youngest son (now in his 20's) was a child -- I really could have used them!

Margaret Fieland

The Old Silly said...

I like your philospshy and the premises behind these book very much. Best wishes for many sales and my money says lots of children will be all the better for having read them.

Marvin D Wilson

Nancy Famolari said...

I like your book ideas very much. I do think children need to be encouraged to move, get out away from the TV or the computer and use their bodies. It will pay life long dividends.

Great post, Karen!

Harry Gilleland said...

Greetings, Martha ~

I'm pleased to get to know more about you and your books. Getting children moving is a worthy goal. I wish you much success in your work and with your book sales.



kathy stemke said...

Great interview Karen.
Martha, I'm so glad to see you and your books join our book tour. As you know we have the same philosophy-get children moving and learning. Together we can get the word out. I'd like to mfeature you and your books in my monthly newsletter, Movement and Rhythm. Let's get in touch. I hope your sales will increase! Good luck.

kathy stemke said...
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kathy stemke said...

PS I'm hosting Brigitte Thompson tomorrow. Pleeasee stop by.

Katie Hines said...

Wow, these books sound really great, and like they hit a real niche in the market. Hope you have awesome sales.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Hey, All,
Thanks so much for stopping by. Martha's books do sound wonderful!


Heidiwriter said...

Fascinating! Your book sounds wonderful. Indeed, kids don't run outside and play like we did when we were young. Technology and fear. Too bad.

DarcĂ­a Helle said...

What a great concept, Martha! These days, kids need all the incentive they can get to move off their butts (as do many adults!). I wish you much success.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Darcia and Heidi,
Thanks for visiting!

J. Aday Kennedy's A Writing Playground said...

Great concept for your books. Anything that combines laughter & an excuse for little ones to wiggle around is sure to be popular.

Helena Harper said...

Thank you, Karen, for introducing Martha to us. I love to meet new authors and particularly children's authors (as I'm an aspiring one myself!).

Martha - your books sound great. I love the titles and I love the philosophy behind them! Anything that gets children up and moving has to be a good thing. Who did the illustrations for your books?


Helena Harper said...

Martha, I forgot to say that I'm a fellow teacher, too - I teach modern languages. One of the most interesting books I read during my training was 'Drama Techniques in Language Learning' and it was always great fun, when I was teaching in schools, to get children up and moving to practise the language 'in action'. I only wish I had had more time to do it!

Helena Harper
Author of "It's a Teacher's Life...!"