Blogger Tip

For the past couple of months I've been having some problems with my blog. For one thing my prescheduled posts didn't post. And, my content didn't appear as I prepared it.

I have to say I was getting an error message every time I posted, telling me the HTML couldn't be accepted. Now, I don't add any HTML of my own, so I figured it was just a glitch and I clicked on ignore warning.

But, just for the heck of it I went over to blogger help and posted my problem. One of the pros there asked if I was pasting from Word. YES, I always did right from when I first created this blog - never had a problem until a couple of months ago.

So, I now paste my Word content onto a Notepad doc and then paste it from there to here. It's not really any extra work.

I'm hoping that's it. I haven't actually prescheduled a post yet, but I'll try this week.

LESSON: Don't paste from a Word doc to your blogger post.

Tip: The same thing holds true for Wordpress also.

Till next time,
Karen Cioffi, Freelance Writer

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