Guest Post - Revel in Your Uniqueness

Every now and then I find an article that I think others will benefit from and with the author's permission, I post them here. This one is one of those articles.

Revel in Your Uniqueness

By Beth Ann Erickson

I'm sure you're acutely aware that competition amongst writers can be fierce. As literacy rates fall, as more people enter the field, as publishers slash budgets, as magazines fold, as copywriting courses churn out more copywriters than ever before... it's easy to become discouraged over the state of this business.

That's the bad news.

But there's a huge silver lining to this cloud that most people rarely focus on.

With nearly 200 (literally) books published daily, with more writers entering the field, with more writers vying for a more limited number of assignments you must realize that you have one thing under your control. And that would be yourself.

You do not sell your writing. You don't sell your book either. Nobody wakes up in the morning wishing they could buy a book. They don't yearn to hire a writer either.

They're looking for an expert, someone who knows how to entertain, how to inform, how to sell.
They're looking for you.

Other authors can replicate your books. They can swipe ideas. Everything's up for grabs except for one thing.

You cannot be replicated.

So you must step out from behind the curtain and establish yourself as an expert.

“USP” stands for “Unique Selling Proposition.” It represents the one aspect of your writing career that's utterly unique. It's the one thing that can't be replicated.

Nail your USP and you've got half marketing challenges conquered.

No matter what you write, always keep your USP in the back of your mind whenever you have to pop on your marketing hat and promote yourself.

When you're considering your USP keep this in mind:

1.    What do you do better than your primary competition?
2.    What are your strengths?
3.    What are your competition's strengths?
4.    What are your weaknesses?
5.    What are your competition's weaknesses?
6.    How can you capitalize on your competition's weaknesses?
7.    How can you shift your competition's strengths to benefit you?
8.    What's unique about you?
9.    What part of your writing cannot be replicated by anyone else?
10.    How can you clearly state your uniqueness so your intended audience can comprehend it in a moment?

Ponder these points and formulate your USP. Once that's done, be sure to incorporate it into every promotion you craft.

Beth Ann Erickson is the “Queen Bee” of Filbert Publishing. She’s also the author of numerous titles as well as the Creative Mindset Newsletter. Pick up the first seven copies here. She’s also a busy copywriter, speaker, and publisher of Writing Etc., the free e-mag for writers.



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