Writing Books: Is There Money In It?

In the most recent marketing teleclasses I've attended, one of the messages conveyed is that unless you're a major author with tremendous sales, you will not get rich from writing books. You may not even be able to make a living.

So, how does an author create a living out of writing?

Well, whether you're in the process of writing a book, in the process of having a book published, or your book is already available for sale, there are a few strategies writers can use to supplement their income or create a living from writing:

1. Create ebooks and offer them for sale. If you're a fiction writer, write about elements of writing, the process, the pit falls, the publishing process, your marketing strategies, and so on. Write what you know.

2. If you have interests other than the fiction you write, capitalize on them also. If you're a great cook, write about cooking. If you have an interest in health, do the research and write about it.

In steps 1 and 2, it's easy to create a pfd with images and a cover. You can offer them on your site, or through services such as

If you're willing to invest in a clickbank account or another of these types of services, you can find affiliates to help you sell your ebooks.

3. Don't forget this ONE essential strategy that all writers need to utilize: Write articles, research appropriate magazines and submit, submit, submit - if you don't submit your work, you will not get published...or earn an income from your writing. And, being published does matter; it opens up doors and opportunities that may not otherwise be open.

4. If you're writing nonfiction, think spin-offs. You can create journals, and even videos for sale.

5. Look into selling through catalogs.

6. If you’re writing nonfiction, seek out corporations or businesses that may be interested in your topic. For example: I wrote a bed time story and a great writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance, suggested I look into children's stores (furniture, clothing, etc.) to see if they'd be interested in buying in bulk and offering your book to their clients for sale or as giveaways.

7. If you're published, offer teleclasses or coaching. This is one of those opportunities that will work better if you're published.

8. Promote, Promote, Promote!

These are a few of the strategies you can use to generate income from writing.

Tip: Remember to be focused and research your target market.

Until next time,
Karen Cioffi, Freelance Writer

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