Dangers of Facebook, Google and other Social Networks

Usually, I reserve Friday's for reviews, links, and tips, but today I want to share some important information.

I watched a TV show last week featuring Google; it was very enlightening and frightening. The presenter exposed some of the security risks associated with this mega company. I'm not sure many people are aware that any information Google acquires from your purchases, searches, and other activities you do through them, is saved and easily retrievable for 18 months. There after, it's more difficult to get a hold of, but it can be done.

In one aspect, it's great that if a terrorist or troubled individual searched for how to build a bomb, or get their hands on weapons, authorities have the ability to track the information down., But, as writers, we do research on a number of topics. Even, college students are required to do research on topics they have no interest in or are actually involved in. And, what about those who make purchases they think are private?

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Today, I read an article in Yahoo News about Facebook and security options. The personal information you readily share with your friends can easily be hacked either by your account, or a friend's account, being hacked, or by bugs. There have been cases of robberies based on users sharing their vacation plans, and even identity theft because of all the personal information we put out there for ALL to see.

From the onset of these social networking entities, I saw the potential for trouble. How many sites want your birth date, even ning sites ask for it? I recently got a e-birthday-card from a site. For a moment I wondered why . . . then I realized I never put my real birth date on the internet. My ages range from the 20s to 70s online. How many sites request your address?

So, bottom line, social networkers beware of the information you make available to potential hackers, thieves, and identity thieves. It can be as simple as your pet's name or your maiden name for the unsavory element to make use of it.

To read the article from Yahoo News and get more information go to:


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Karen Cioffi said...

Interestingly, a reader left a comment offering sites that explain how to hack facebook accounts and IDs.

Obviously, I deleted it.

I'm not sure if he/she missed the point of the article.