Determination, Focus, and Perseverance

I’m a huge fan of positive thinking and projection. I believe our mind has a great influence over our well being and the direction our life can take. Granted, it’s not always easy to harness that influence, but there is enough content out there, including The Secret, to at least strive to think positive and project.

For example, Jack Canfield and co-creator Mark Victor Hansen, of Chicken Soup for the Soul, were rejected 144 times from publishers. Finally, in 1993, their book was accepted. Since they were in debt and couldn’t afford a publicist, they did their own promotion. In 1995, they won the Abby Award and the Southern California Publicist Award.

In a teleconference I attended with Jack Canfield as the speaker, he said the co-authors created vision boards of what they wanted. They even took a copy of the New York Times Best Selling Page, whited out the #1 spot, and replaced it with Chicken Soup for the Soul. They put copies of it everywhere, even in the toilet. They envisioned and projected success. The rest is history.

On a much smaller scale, my daughter and co-author of Day’s End Lullaby, Robyn, practices the philosophy of The Secret. For ten years she’s dreamed of being in the audience of the Oprah show. She actually got tickets twice, but for one reason or another, she was unable to attend. But, it didn’t stop her, she persevered and kept trying. Well, the weekend of May 8th, Oprah had her Live Your Best Life weekend in New York City. Robyn got a ticket for the weekend event and ended up being photographed. Her photo is now on Oprah’s website. In addition, she was about four feet from Oprah at one of the events, while she took a picture. This may not mean much to some, but for a young woman who has dreamed of being in the same room as Oprah, it’s a big . . . no HUGE deal. You can check it out at (she’s the one on the right, her friend Christine is on the left):

So, what has this to do with you and me as writers . . . plenty . . . just about every writer has heard the adage, it’s not necessarily the best writers who succeed, it’s the writers who persevere. Stay determined and focused on your writing goals. Don’t let rejection stop you . . . persevere.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog post. Looked like quite an Oprah event to attend. Glad your daughter was able to finally realize that dream. Perseverance paid off!

Karen Cioffi said...

Susanne, It certainly did! LOL