Informational Videos vs. Articles

Are Videos Worth the Time?

Lately, it seems everyone is providing information through videos. Yes, they’re nice, presentable, and the newest thing to do. I know that personal touch is supposed to be very important--you can put a voice and face to the information being provided. And, in some ways, such as seeing a procedure done visually, they may be beneficial. But, I find them time consuming and for that reason, bothersome.

Everyone gathers a great deal of information online, such as information on writing, marketing, affiliate marketing, and research for articles. Often, we’re in a rush and don’t have time to sit through a 15, 30, or 60 minute video to glean the information we want. So, what do we do? We exit out of the site, thinking we’ll come back when I have more time. But guess what? Nine out of ten times we don’t go back.

Time is a problem for everyone today. We’re bombarded with information, things to do, places to go…and that’s not including work! There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week. The videos take up time.

Aside from the time element, there are many people who would rather read. While listening to videos, you have to sit with pad and pen…listen intently…then write quickly when you hear information you want to save. Try to be sure not to miss anything because if you do, you have to go back and try to find the spot you need. Also, if you are trying to follow the information in the video, say to create a website, it’s very difficult to view a video while you’re working on a site.

Although, I do realize the personal touch is important, it is much easier to read an article, save it, and then go back to it when you have the time. At that point, you can quickly scan the article and highlight the information that is pertinent. You have it indefinitely at your finger tips and available whenever you need it.

The problem that happens when a strategy takes off (whether beneficial or not) is it’s hard to stop. So, what can be done for those who prefer reading?

Well, that depends on whether the presenter wants to put forth additional effort. If they do, they can also provide the information in an article or PDF document. It’s much easier to follow a step-by-step document than go back and forth through a video. While this will be more work for the presenter it will ensure faithful return visits from readers who don’t have time for videos. uses this strategy for their posts and I am grateful.

Technology is ever advancing, but if it’s at the cost of readership maybe the new trend should be adjusted a bit. If a writer or marketer is interested in having followers from the reading and video arenas, they will go that extra step and cater to both. I’ll be waiting patiently for that new trend to take hold.

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Karen Cioffi
Platform Building with Content Marketing


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this blog post Karen. I like to be able to read things. It's so much easier to go back to reference something.

The videos have that personal touch to them, but it does make it hard when taking notes. It's so much harder when going back to reference something.

I also agree with what you said about nine out of ten times people won't go back to the site to watch the video. That is me. If I don't watch it right then, I never get to watch it.

Karen Cioffi said...


It's a shame, but I don't end up having time to go back to watch a video. I never know if it'll be 10 mins, 20, or 60 minutes long. And, you can't skim through it!