Freelance Business Content Subcontracting: Is it Worth it?

You have a relatively new freelance business going and you’ve gotten a really big project, at least the biggest you’ve ever done. You’re excited, but also a bit apprehensive: can you get it done on time?

You decide to subcontract some of the work to take the pressure off of you, or maybe because it’s just not feasible for you to do alone. Well, before you make commitments with subcontractors, think it through.

New Freelance Business Food for Thought

Analyze and answer this question before you start outsourcing work:

Does the job pay well enough to warrant hiring subcontractors?

For example: you get a big article writing gig. It would be difficult for you to handle it alone within the specified time. Also, there are specific keywords that will need to be used for each article and it’s a concern that you will end up having articles that sound alike. These are valid concerns, but if you’re not making enough money on the deal, is it worth it to hire out, or even accept the job?

Get out a calculator if you need to, and determine how much you will make per article taking into account the time you will have to spend researching for your own articles,  proofing each outsourced article, and possibly even editing them. The last scenario is very, very, very likely if you don’t already have a team of subcontractors who you are familiar with, and who you know can produce quality content.

And, there is always the possibility that the client will ask you to edit a few articles after you’ve submitted them to him. This is more of your time and energy being used. If the editing is required because you didn’t do a good job on that particular piece, or your information was inaccurate, then it’s your responsibility to edit it with no charge. If on the other hand, the site your client submitted the piece to is just being picky, you should charge an editing fee.

The key to being successful is to know your value.


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Anonymous said...

I've wondered what it would be like to be the one hired. I'd do it. Could certainly use the extra cash and the experience would be worth it I think.

Stephen Tremp

Karen Cioffi said...

Stephen, I'll keep you in mind! :)