Do You Have a Backup Plan?

It's guest post Wednesday and I have an interesting and important post from Jim Edwards, syndicated newspaper columnist, writer, and marketer. This post deals with something I think must have happened to most of us at one time or another--it's happened to me.

What Will You Do When Disaster Strikes?
(Always Have a Backup Plan)
- by Jim Edwards

What a nightmare!

Imagine spending four months preparing for an important
party attended by your key business associates and their
customers. This party will make or break your finances for
the next year, possibly longer.

Now picture this: just after the party starts, the power
goes out, the band disappears, the caterer gets arrested and
the fire alarm starts screeching. The fate of your business
hangs in the balance. The decisions you make in the next
couple of minutes determine whether your business succeeds
or fails.

What will you do?

In a manner of speaking, this exact disaster happened to me
when I launched a new product online not too long ago.

We spent 4 months and hundreds of hours developing a CD-ROM
product to help online business owners get more website

We then convinced a very famous expert to put his reputation
on the line by sending an email inviting 20,000 of his best
customers to buy our product at a discount.

Just as he sent his email our shopping cart *broke* and
everything stopped working. The complaint letters started
pouring in and thousands of dollars in revenue depended on
what we did in the next few minutes.

Luckily we could access another shopping cart on a different
server and, mostly through luck, we got back online with the
replacement 30 minutes later.

But that horrible event taught me a valuable lesson and,
whether you operate an online business or not, you can learn
from it too.

The lesson?

Always have a backup plan and prepare for things to go wrong
online, because they will go wrong!

~ Email ~

Anyone who uses email should maintain at least one extra
email account in case their primary account goes down.

You can open a free email account at or in less than 5 minutes, but if you don't set the
account up ahead of time with your important contact
information, you may find yourself unable to communicate
with key people because you don't have their information.

~ Internet Access ~

If you use email or the Internet for any aspect of your
business, then you need a backup plan for getting online in
case your primary connection goes out.

If you have a cable or DSL connection, this means access to
a dial-up connection like AOL or MSN. If you don't want to
pay the monthly fee then hang onto one of those "free trial"
disks and sign up for a free 30 day account when you need

~ Your Disaster Plans ~

Don't just consider technology failures in your backup

Those good old "elements" like wind, fire and water should
also factor into your thinking. Whether backing up your
latest ebook or the family digital photo "album," keep a
copy of your sensitive files on a CD-Rom or floppy disk,
preferably somewhere safe like a bank safety deposit box.

If you use the Internet and email for anything other than
casual surfing, know ahead of time exactly what to do if
things go wrong.

If your income depends on the Internet, then you must know
in advance how you will get online, communicate and replace
your entire web-based business (website, web hosting,
shopping cart, autoresponders, secure server, credit cards)
in the space of 24 hours if necessary.

Don't wait until you find yourself in the middle of an
online disaster to learn these lessons the hard way.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! When I first started reading this, I was thinking this would make for an interesting book or movie.

Interesting post. Great reminder to always be prepared. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Susanne,

Yes, it's so important to back up your writing and other important info.

Crazy as it is, just today I lost 4 files for absolutely no reason - thank goodness I try to back up daily.