Writing Marketing Articles in an Ever Changing World

Writing for writing related posts and articles is fairly simple, straightforward, and constant. The rules of writing don’t often change, if ever. A story has 5 basic elements: plot, characters, theme, setting, and conflict. How a writer perceives these elements, how she uses them to create a story, and how she perceives the subject matter is what makes each writer unique, and what makes her work interesting.

Writing for marketing posts and articles on the other hand is far from simple, straightforward, or constant. The reason . . . the rules are constantly changing.

New technology, new social networks, and new applications, along with other such elements make writing for this genre tricky. While some fundamentals do remain constant, such as a writer and marketer needs to create visibility for their work or product, much of how to do that changes on a regular basis. 

I recently wrote an article about the amazing features of My6Sense. This is an application that can be used with iPad and iPhone among other products. It is considered a predictive application. It learns from your usage, and within a few days it will suggest sites, articles, and other content that it thinks you will be interested in.

Once a cutting edge product is introduced, every company in that field jumps on the band wagon, leaving yesterday’s old models and technology in the dust.

The same holds true for search engine optimization (SEO). Goolge, the King in regard to SEO can and does change the rules as they see fit. This affects your ranking and visibility. And, now that Microsoft Bing and Yahoo have joined forces, they are moving forward which will mean more changes are sure to be on the horizon. According to an article by PotPieGirl, “The online search business is BIG business…and the Bing/Yahoo folks want more of it.” And, if you weren’t aware of it, the Facebook search option is powered by Bing. If Google, down the road, becomes a bit concerned over Bing’s advancements who knows what else will be in store for marketers in their endeavors to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

But, all this information is just to make a point. 

When a writer who writes in the marketing arena writes a post or article to bring information to the reader, she may not be able to link to that article as a resource down the road. That particular information may not be pertinent 3 months from the date it’s written, or it may be outdated.

Writers of marketing content always need to be on top of what’s going on. They have to have their finger on the marketing pulse, and constantly write articles and posts that reflect the changing, the new, and the future of marketing.

One final note: It's a good idea, in fact, it's essential to periodically check for 'bad' links (broken or spam links) in your older posts. Google doesn't like 'bad' links and you will be penalized if you have them.



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