A Ghostwriter's Uses - Part 1

A Ghostwriter, or writer-for-hire, is different things to different people, but no matter what the capacity, she almost always remains anonymous.

Write or Rewrite Your Book

A ghostwriter covers a number of writing areas. In one aspect she may be a writer who will take your idea for a children's book, novel, or nonfiction book (memoir, autobiography, self-help, etc), and turn it into a publishable, and hopefully a saleable book. She will work closely with the author, usually from an outline, and work to instill the author’s voice into the book.

This is an excellent means for would-be-authors, or new writers to reach their goal or desire to be a published author. And, with today’s publishing tools, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and Amazon, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to self-publish, if that’s the route you choose. The author might also consider doing the submissions route and finding a publisher or agent.

Another scenario may be that you have a story already written, but it’s not in any shape for submissions, or self-publishing. You’ve tried and tried, but you know it’s in dire need of help; a ghostwriter can rewrite your story and get it in the needed shape to move forward.

Write Content for Blogs, Newsletters, and Articles Directories

A second function a ghostwriter holds is that of a powerful tool for busy writers who need help getting their own work done. For freelance writers, and yes even busy ghostwriters, time is extremely elusive – often there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the scheduled work. This is where a ghostwriter will come in handy: writing your personal blog posts, writing content for newsletter, or writing articles for article directories to keep traffic coming to your site/s.

Spin Your Articles

This is a very useful tool for the busy writer - a ghostwriter can spin your articles for repurposing. Say you’ve written a number of articles but of late have become too busy to keep it up. You might think of hiring a ghostwriter to spin or rework your articles so they can be used as ‘new and original’ pieces.

You might be thinking that there are rewriting programs to do this, but they cannot create the same quality rewrite a good writer can.

Create E-books

E-books are becoming amazingly popular. You can offer them on your site/s as freebies as an incentive to subscribe to your site or as a gift. You can even sell them on your site, or on sites such as Lulu, Smashwords, and Amazon. They are an excellent tool for demonstrating your expertise in your area, and for creating visibility.

To gain even more visibility and make your ebook a more powerful marketing tool, you can offer reprint permission. This is a wonderful way to have more and more readers become familiar with your work.

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