Writing Tip: Great Backup Tool

Don't leave the safety of your files to chance!

Today I want to share a great backup tool with you.


I recently subscribed to Dropbox. I opted for their free 2 GB of online data storage – so far I’m using almost 39% of my allowed space. I have to say I really love it.

I do my work each day, and when I’m done, I just copy the files to my dropbox files (right on my computer). You have no idea how relieved I feel knowing that my clients’ work is backed up.

In addition, I’m backing up all my manuscripts, articles, and posts.

What I especially like about Dropbox is that I save only the files I want to. I was a little concerned about having my entire hard drive backed up online because of personal information that is on some files. But, now I don’t have to worry about it.

And, what’s just as beneficial is that you can register your laptop, and other computers to your Dropbox account. This means once you save a file to the computer or laptop you’re currently working on, the updated file will be available on every other computer you listed on your account. Now, that’s impressive and makes life just a bit easier.

Since I think it’s such a worthwhile tool for backing up important files, and the 2 GB storage space is FREE, I’m promoting it.

Once you join, for every person you get to join up, you’ll get an additional 250 MG of space (up to 8 GB)

If you think it’ll be beneficial to your writing and work, give it a try - there’s absolutely nothing to lose. And, I would never blatantly recommend a product I didn’t use and didn’t think is great.

So, click on Dropbox or the link below and see for yourself.

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