Friday, October 22, 2010

A Review: A Necklace for Jiggsy

Title: A Necklace for Jiggsy
Author and Illustrator: Kit Grady
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
Print ISBN 13: 978-161633-091-0
eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-092-7
Reviewed by: Karen Cioffi

Kit Grady is an amazing artist, and she is also a talented children’s writer. In her newest book, A Necklace for Jiggsy, she takes a cute, scruffy looking junkyard dog and weaves a delightful story children will love.

All his life, Jiggsy lived in a junkyard. It was overcrowded with other mangy dogs, cats, rodents, and other critters, and food was scarce. Just to get a bit of food or a bone, he’d have to scrounge around, and sometimes even fight for it.

Along with the overcrowding and hunger, the sleeping situation wasn’t any better. But, the one thing Jiggsy did have was his beloved pillow; it was his only possession.

One day, Jiggsy found a beautiful necklace. He slid the necklace on his neck and found his life transformed. People stopped to stare, neighborhood stores gave him choice treats, and the other animals treated him with respect – he became “King of the Yard.” Jiggsy loved the attention and special treatment.

Then, he read that thieves stole a diamond necklace from a rich widow; he knew this was the necklace he found. Rather than give the necklace up, he hid.

When he went to the junkyard to get some much needed sleep, he found his pillow missing. Who would have done such a thing? How could someone take another’s belongings? That night Jiggsy dreamed his pillow was stolen by mean dogs who would not give it back.

Jiggsy’s life was transformed again. Seeing things differently, he returned the necklace to the widow. While returning it, the widow showed kindness toward Jiggsy and adopted him.

A Necklace for Jiggsy is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book that touches on four issues that will help enlighten little ones about those less fortunate and about morals. These issues are very subtlety woven throughout the story with simple text and outstanding full page illustrations.

The first lesson is brought about by Jiggsy’s difficult life of having to fend for food and a safe spot to lay his head.

The second lesson deals with Jiggsy’s realization of the loss and hurt that comes with having something beloved taken from him.

The third lesson shows Jiggsy making the connection between his feelings and how the widow might feel about her stolen necklace.

The fourth lesson demonstrates the power of doing the right thing, and the power of kindness.

While it has a wonderful take away value, it’s the vivid illustrations, along with a fun and engaging story that will have children wanting to read A Necklace for Jiggsy over and over again.

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Kristi Bernard said...

This sounds like a really cute book and kids will learn a lot from reading it. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Cioffi said...

Kristi, thanks for stopping by!

anthony stemke said...

A delightful morality tale with a good ethical lesson.

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Tony,

There the best,aren't they.