Thursday, November 25, 2010


First off, I hope everyone has a happy, peaceful, and healthy Thanksgiving!

Now on to my personal thanks to you.

Another year just about on its way out - time is really going too fast. Oh, well. There's nothing we can do about that, but I do want to thank all my subscribers and followers for taking the time to subscribe and stick with me.

Going back to the time issue, I know how little there is to go around and we're all bombarded with info emails, newsletters, and marketers making our precious work time dwindle even faster.

So, as my way to say THANKS, in the December issue of A Writer's World (my newsletter) I'll be giving a 114 page e-book, Writing for Children One Step at a Time, as a thank you gift. While it's geared toward writing for children, it has tips for writing in general, as well as marketing tips.

Here is a bit of the contents from Writing for Children One Step at a Time:

Before You Submit Your Manuscript

Ten Tips Checklist for Self-editing: Tips 1-4 (Page 59)
Ten Tips Checklist for Self-editing: Tips 5-10 (Page 61)
Final Stages of Self-editing (Page 63)
A Guide to Hiring a Freelance Editor (Page 66)
Be Specific and Professional When Submitting Queries (Page 68)

A Bit About Self-Publishing

Before You Self-Publish Part 1 (Page 71)
Before You Self-Publish Part 2 (Page 72)

A Touch of Marketing

Creating Websites or Blogs: Plan First (Page 75)
Create Visibility Before Getting Published (Page 77)
4 Free Surefire Ways to Promote You and Your Book (Page 79)
6 Strategies to Promote You and Your Book for Free (Page 81)
Promotion (Page 82)

It also include Media Release examples, Exercises, and 10 pages of Resources, plus the the first 58 pages on writing.

And, I also just completed two smaller e-books:

Book Promotion - the Bare Basics

SEO Marketing Tips that Can Help Increase Holiday Season Sales

I'm giving these two e-books to you as another GIFT of THANKS, just for stopping by. Look over at the upper sidebar, Free Gifts, and click on the links.

So, if you haven't joined up yet, please take a moment and sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter.

You'll not only get the two e-books: The Self-Publisher’s Guide, 2nd Edition and The Blogger’s Checklist for free, in the December issue you'll get Writing for Children One Step at a Time.

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Until next time,

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Rena said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Karen!

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Rena,

Thanks for stopping by!