Freelance Article Submissions: Having Trouble?

Whether you're writing for children or another genre, you need to have a well structured article to submit. Here are three tips from writing coach and author Suzanne Lieurance:

3 Tips For Writing More Marketable Articles

By Suzanne Lieurance

If you're trying to sell articles to a variety of publishers, you need to be sure your articles are marketable. Here are 3 tips that will help you do that. These tips can also serve as a template any time you're having trouble focusing your article and need an easy-to-follow structure for the piece.

1. Keep your introduction to a single paragraph. Too often, writers start an article with WAY too much introduction before they get to the "meat" of the piece. Today's readers want writers to cut to the chase. They want information that is easy to understand and quick to read. Don't bog down your reader with paragraph after paragraph of introduction. You should be able to introduce your topic in a single paragraph. If you can't, you probably need to give your article a narrower focus.

2. Use a list or bullet points to convey the main ideas in your article. Readers will appreciate this because they can skip the introduction entirely and still get the information they need from your article. They can also easily jot down the main points on a sheet of paper if the information is something they need and want to keep at hand.

3. End your article with a single concluding paragraph. Again, don't bog down your readers by expecting them to continue reading after you've made your main points.

Follow these 3 tips and it should be fairly easy to write your articles quickly. You'll also create articles that are more marketable!

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