Outsourcing Articles - Is it Right for You?

Recently, a writer/marketer who always has valuable information recommended outsourcing as a means of effectively and quickly getting a number of articles written. He was using a particular service to create a niche site for affiliate marketing, but it can just as effectively be used to create visibility and traffic to your own sites and products.

Remember though, it’s the content that creates the organic traffic funnel to your site. You should offer your visitors/readers quality content.

The marketer stated that he paid $3 to have articles rewritten and distributed to hundreds of article directories.

Wait a minute . . .

While I’m sure this is true, guaranteed the rewritten articles are not done by professional writers. It’s possible the writers or spinners are using a rewriting/spinning program.

A rewriting program chooses random words to change, or the author creates a list of words for the program to find and change. Some can also rework paragraphs, but it’s not the same as a writer. These programs can’t tell if they’re missing the mark on clarity in the content, or if they are changing the meaning.

Outsourcing these types of articles is similar to purchasing private label rights (PLR) articles. PLRs are articles that you can buy by the bundle at a low cost and use with your own byline.

But, consumer beware. You may have an embarrassing situation on your hands if you don’t proofread and edit the articles before using them. Often, these articles are rewritten by non-English speaking writers, or writers who are overly concerned with quantity over quality.

For those of you who don’t mind having to edit each article, PLRs or outsourcing on-the-cheap may be an option. Certainly, there are some writers who feel it’s easier to rewrite an existing article than create one from scratch.

Some of us are on the other end of the outsourcing chain. We ghostwrite or rewrite articles for marketers or others who are looking for quality content. As professional writers, we know the importance of creating quality over quantity. If you want to create an impressive article utilizing facts and quotes, and shining with clarity, you can’t use rewriting programs, or writers who aren’t professional.

One important factor as a writer is that your writing is a reflection of you and your writing ability; it should always be the best it can be, whether you are writing for yourself or for a client. It also holds true if you are hiring a professional writer to ghostwrite articles for you. Unless you’re very familiar with the ghostwriter’s work, be sure to proofread any content you’re publishing before hand. Remember, your name will be associated with that content.

Depending on your writing needs, you will have to decide if you want quality or quantity, if you choose to outsource.

If you are an affiliate marketer, it’s all about getting as much traffic as possible to a niche site that has a copy ad landing page urging the reader to BUY. The more traffic the greater the chances of sales and an affiliate commission. Conversion rates rule . . . quality often takes a back seat to quantity.


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Deana said...

I've heard about this but I don't think I could get into it. Working on my little ole novel and just keeping my blog up and running proves to be just enough for me. I don't get paid, but I'll deal...for now:)

Karen Cioffi said...

I know what you mean Deana. All this marketing and writing is so time consuming.

Thanks for stopping by!