Using Paypal to Sell Your eBooks and Other Products

While digital publishing has been around for 40 years, the week of March 6th, it seems to have skyrocketed within the last year.

The e-book market is taking off and so are the authors who are taking advantage of this path to income and an audience.

I have a few e-books under my belt, but haven't really taken the time to get them easily available for sale. Well, that's changed since I began taking advantage of Paypal's BUY BUTTON system.

If you have a Paypal account, all you have to do is go under Merchant's Services and you're afforded the option of getting single BUY NOW BUTTONS or a SHOPPING CART for multiple products.

If you don't have an account with them, it's easy to create one, and it's free.

The instructions for the Buy Buttons are fairly easy to understand, until you get to providing the link if you are offering an e-book download for sale.

Here you need to click on option #3 to get to the area where you can input the downloadable link to your e-book. I think the option is titled: Advanced Options.

Then, just finish the process and you'll be given the HTML code for the button. You actually get two versions: one for your website, and one for email use. Pretty easy and quick!

One other slight inconvenience is that when a customer purchases through the BUY BUTTON, they are not automatically taken to the product. The are offered 3 options:

The first option is to Go to the Seller's Email Address. But, instead of being directed to the email address the purchaser is directed to the product he/she just purchased.

I'm not sure why Paypal has it set up like this. It makes getting the e-book confusing and even frustrating for those who aren't aware of the situation.

But, once the seller is aware of this, he/she can provide instructions on the product's landing page.

The upside to using Paypal or Google Checkout Buy Buttons is there is NO middle man.

On sites such as Lulu, Smashwords, and even Kindle, they get a percentage of the sales of your products. Using your own Buy Buttons the sale is all yours.

Other Products and Services

It doesn't matter what you're selling, you can use PayPal to sell, and if needed, ship it to the customer. You can also use it to sell your services.

It's convenient - the buyer just clicks on the Buy Button and off they go directly to pay for the product or service.

You can also use Google Checkout for this type of selling option.


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