9 Steps to Writing a Saleable Novel

Today I have another information packed post based on an article from Penny Sanseveri's The Book Marketing Expert newsletter.

The article, "Nine Steps to Writing a Novel You Can Sell," discusses steps to take to make your story saleable.

Let's take a look at them:

1. It's all about the story.

With all the information out there and online courses, writers can get confused as to what's important in a story. Engagement is the key element for story telling. Even if you're writing a memoir, it needs to move forward, it needs conflict and/or suspense to keep the reader turning the pages.

2. You need conflict.

This was touched upon in number one, but it's definitely worth giving it is own tip section. Conflict keeps the reader turning pages.

If Joe is riding his bike and two bullies stop him and take his bike, that's conflict. How Joe handles the situation is conflict.

You even need conflict in children's books.

3. The idea.

Have a solid story idea that you can create a one sentence pitch line for. Your story shouldn't be so complicated that you can't clearly explain the gist of the story in one line.

4. Characters the reader will care about.

Sanseveri calls this tip, the sympathetic character. The reader needs to root for the protagonist.

5. The anti-protagonist is a must.

Readers love to hate the villain. Think of Superman's Lex Luther, or Batman's Joker.

6. Romance is always a winner.

People, especially women, love to read romance novels. Sex and love are powerful in a novel. If written right, the reader will hungrily turn the pages.

7. Reading is critical to good writing.

Any professional, from a doctor to a teacher, must get training, schooling, in order to get into the position they want. The same is true for a writer. Along with learning the craft of writing, you need to read in the genre you want to write.

8. Time and effort counts.

Writing a story takes time, sometimes even years. You don't want to haphazardly throw something together just to get it done.
Your writing is a reflection of your skills - make them shine.

9. You outline.

This one is on the optional side, but most writers do use an outline. Creating an outline helps you get from point A to point B easier than without one.

There you have it, 9 tips to write a saleable novel.


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