About Blog Post Titles and Your Traffic

Today I have information from"The Book Marketing Expert newsletter,"
a great source of book marketing tips, advice, and resources.

All titles are an essential part of any thing you write, that includes blog posts. Why? Well Penny has some great information answering that question.

Blog Post Titles and How Google Ranks Your Site


What is a Backlink? Clickable words or images that take a user from one web page to another. The more backlinks pointing to a site, the higher the receiving site tends to rank in all search engines.

Why Backlinks? Think of it as a 'Vote of Confidence.'

The more votes a site has, the higher your search engine ranking.

Not any backlink will do, though.

Google Webmaster Guidelines provides these basics for linking:

* Link should originate from a relevant site/topic
* Link is text based
* Anchor text of link is relevant (Anchor text are the words that when clicked on are linked to the site that is receiving the backlink.)

Social bookmarking, blog commenting, social media sites and article submissions are all great ways for achieving these backlinks.

Does Your Blog Post Title Grab Attention?

When I'm in read-a-blog post mode, I'll patiently work my way through my feedreader - and every single time I've done that, I've been astonished again and again at how 'ho hum' the majority of blog posts are titled.

Seriously! I've missed a plethora of truly sterling information because the authors made their blog post sound as exciting as tooth-brushing one of my dog's teeth after their morning meals.

It is CRITICAL that you make your blog posts intriguing enough to stand out of the clutter and visually grab my eyes and say, you MUST read this!!

I would truly urge you to make it a New Year's Resolution to REALLY hone your headline content at the very least. And once you have that mastered, you should also learn how to infuse your posts with emotional hooks that cause your reader to simply DO what you want them to (buy your product, sign up for your ezine, etc.).

Writing in a sales copy fashion is very different than writing for a book and has great rewards after adding it to your online skill set.
Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.


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2 comments: said...

Karen, I totally agree with you. I have missed some really great posts because the title didn't jump out at me. I tend to read posts that have a number in it. For instance, 5 tips for writing better headlines. Those always seem to draw me in.

Karen Cioffi said...

I have also. I think most of us judge a book by it's cover - for a post or article that would be the title. If a title doesn't grab me, there's just too much other information to read, so I pass it by.

Thanks for stopping by!