Back to School Count Down

Well, it's that time of year again. Teachers are moaning and groaning, and so are kids. In light of the upcoming new school year, I have a post from August 2009 to reprint.


Back to School Count Down

Five, four, three, two…yup, it’s that time of year again, rising early, getting to school on time, homework, tests…yuck!

But you know, it’s not really that bad. If you’re prepared and get into the right mindset, that’s half the battle. Everything we have to do in life and come up against in life gives us two options: (1) put a positive or good spin on it, (2) dread it.

Since you have to do it anyway, you might as well opt for Option #1.

To get you started in the right direction, here is a list to help you get in gear for, “school time, school time, good ole golden rule time.”

The Do List:

1. Many teachers have lists of what you will need for your upcoming school year. Try to find out if your new teacher has one and how you can get a hold of it.

2. To avoid needed school items being sold out; have Mom or Dad let you do your shopping early.

3. Make sure to get the items that are actually listed. If the list says “one red pen” don’t come to class with a green or purple one.

4. At least a week before school starts, go to bed at the time you normally would on school nights. This will give your body a chance to get accustomed to waking and eating breakfast early. If you do this, your body and mind won’t scream at you that first school day morning, “Hey, are you crazy? Only roosters are up at this time!”

5. A week before that inevitable morning, start a new mantra (saying): “I will listen to my teacher. I will listen to my teacher. I will listen to my teacher.” You can say this 100 to 1000 times a day. Another useful mantra is: “I will be respectful to my teacher and classmates. I will be respectful to my teacher and classmates. I will be respectful to my teacher and classmates.” Either of these two mantras is fine.

6. Make sure to get to school on time and obey your school and classroom rules. Practice Rule #5 so this won’t be a problem.

7. If you are required to have your classroom items in class the first week of school – have them there the first week…having them at home doesn’t cut it. You have to actually bring them to class.

8. What about the reading you were to do over the summer? Did you do it? Well, if you didn’t, start today. It’s better to read a least one book than none. Did you know that anything you want to be, an astronaut, a doctor, a firefighter, a superhero, all require reading. Okay, not the superhero, that jut takes a good imagination.

These 8 Dos should give you a jump start on a smooth new school year.

Now for the Don’t List:

1. Don’t ignore the ‘Do list’ above!


Karen Cioffi Freelance Writer


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

This has GOT to be helpful to the back-to-school crowd--teacher variety! (-:

Karen Cioffi said...

Carolyn, Thanks for stopping by! I did the list with my daughter, a 4th grade public school teacher. :)

Unknown said...

Even though my kids have already started school, it'd still be good for them to do a couple things on this list. Like the mantra: “I will listen to my teacher. I will listen to my teacher. I will listen to my teacher.” :-)

Karen Cioffi said...

LOL Farry, I know some kids start early, but forgot to post this in time.

Thanks for stopping by!

V.R. Leavitt said...

Excellent tips! My wee one already went back, and has had a great first week.

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks, Vanessa. And, glad to hear your little ones are off to a great start!