Information Emails: Generate Visibility and Increase Your Subscriber List

Unless you’re brand new to book marketing, you are aware that creating visibility is the foundation of any marketing plan that’s purpose is to sell. And, there are a number of ways to achieve your visibility objective.

Assuming you already have a book or other product to offer, the very first aspect of promotion is to create a website and offer valuable content regularly. This will create an information funnel leading traffic back to your site and product. While this is good, you need to know what you want this traffic to do and clearly convey it to the visitor.

You might be thinking that your purpose is to sell the book you just published. While selling your book is a good place to start, it should not be the end-all or your marketing efforts or expectations.

And, it’s important to know that most visitors will not instantly buy your book or product.

It takes time to develop a relationship with your visitors, and it’s the time invested in establishing a trusting relationship that stimulates the conversion of a visitor into a buyer. To accomplish this, you want to be able to keep in touch with your visitors on a regular basis through ongoing informational emails.

The ongoing connection and steady stream of valuable information is what will motivate a visitor to become a subscriber to your mailing list, motivate your subscriber to trust you, and motivate that individual to be more willing to purchase what you're offering now and in the future.

One of the most effective marketing strategies to create visibility and develop the desired relationship needed to sell your products/services is informational emails.

The information email offers you an open line of communication with the potential buyer. But, be careful not to abuse this tool. Be sure to offer at least 75 percent valuable content to 25 percent promotion, In fact, to be extra careful, boost the valuable content percentage and lower the promotion percentage. And, be sure to provide content pertinent to the target market you’re aiming at.

Initiating an Email Campaign

The first step to initiate a successful email campaign is to offer the reader something of value, a free offering. This valuable gift can be an e-book, a podcast, a video, a workshop, a teleseminar, or other form of information that the reader wants or needs. This is your ‘ethical bribe’ that will motivate the reader to click on your CALL to ACTION, in this case subscribing to your information emails.

The ‘ethical bribe’ or free gift is crucial to garnering subscribers. If you're not offering anything, there would be no reason for a reader/visitor to sign up to your mailing list. And, according to a number of marketing experts, including Jack Canfield, Jim Edwards, Brian Judd, and Daniel Hall, it's the mailing list that is the key component to selling what you're offering.

While the free gift may be the lure that gets the reader to subscribe, it's the ongoing connection, additional free offers, and providing valuable information that will make your subscriber trust you and be more willing to purchase what you're offering, whether it’s your book, your services, or an affiliate product.

A word of caution: Choose how often you send out your email or newsletter wisely. While you may run the risk of annoying some subscribers if you send them out too frequently, if the email provides great content the risk should diminish. But, even so, be careful. There are some subscribers who get overwhelmed and then annoyed at the number of emails filling up their email boxes. This will prompt them to either unsubscribe to sites or just delete all non-essential emails. Either way, it’s not a good scenario for the marketers sending out the newsletters.

Sending out a newsletter or information email once a week might be just often enough, while not being overwhelming. You will need to decide what works for you and your subscribers.

The connection you forge with your subscribers through email marketing will be one of your most valuable assets. Your mailing list is a platform for a number of marketing endeavors above and beyond the selling of your initial book or product.

One final note on the intent of your email campaign: Marketing expert Steve Harrison of Quantum Leap advises that if you genuinely offer information to readers to help them learn and achieve success, you’re subscriber list will not only grow, it will become fruitful.

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