Writers and Authors: The Ongoing Process of Evolving

As every writer knows, creating and increasing visibility is an essential part of the business. Whether you're writing and promoting books or you're a freelance writer, you need to be out there . . . it's never ending.

As we progress on our writing path, we gain insight into what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong. At least hopefully we learn. Sometimes, if we're lucky enough to have the guidance of a writing coach or mentor, we're actually told what might be amiss, or what steps we can take to work more effectively and profitability.

But, no matter how you come to the realization of certain steps you need to take, the most important thing is to actually take those steps.

This is something I've been working on lately. As with a lot of writers, I spin my wheels trying to be everywhere and do everything, but it's not an effective use of time or an effective way of accomplishing what you want to, and it's just plain tiring.

Fortunately, I've been reminded of what I need to do by my writing coach Suzanne Lieurance. I've worked with Suzanne in a couple of different clubs since 2008, and she knows her stuff.

A key to writing success is to have your major writing goals in place and to be focused. What tends to happen though is we forget what out actual goals are - we get sidetracked, or we keep adding more and more goals to our list. This doesn't work.

My three major goals for the new year are:

1. Working on children's books for publication
2. Growing my ghostwriting business
3. Growing my content marketing and inbound marketing strategies and services

What tasks will I need to undertake to direct focus back on my major goals?

1. I'll be revamping and organizing my websites for clarity and distinction.

2. Eliminate non-productive and non-money-making jobs, and other extraneous goals that are diluting my major goals.

3. Absolutely make time to write children's books - my current WIP is a sequel to Walking Through Walls.

4. Possibly reduce the posts here to two times a week,  rather than three times a week. But, that's still up in the air.

5. This is the most important - print out my Goals and keep them visible.

These are some of the steps I'll be taking to put my three major goals in the forefront, work toward them and write with focus.

The reason I'm taking the time to share this with you is because there are many of you out there who are struggling with the same problems, hopefully my steps will help you take a look at what may be preventing you from reaching your major goals. Or, what you may be doing to cause unnecessary work for yourself.

Until next time,
Karen Cioffi


widdershins said...

Excellent list.

Mine consists of two words. It's the subheadings that I get to chew on, but really, those two words are sufficient:

Write More!!!

Karen Cioffi said...

Widder, those are two of the best words you can focus on! LOL