SEO Marketing Tips to Help Get Links to Your Site

The most effective way to get links to your site is through content and SEO marketing.

Here are the four of the most popular SEO strategies to use:

1. Write keyword optimized and quality blog posts and alert your social networks that there’s fresh content on your site. If it’s valuable content, readers will be motivated to share it with their networks. The more shares and engagement a post gets, the more authority search engines will place on it.

Part of this optimization is optimizing the images you use on your website.

Sites like WordPress allow you to attach a title, alt title, description, and link to every image you use on your site. Search engine utilize this information in their categorization and indexing of your site.

2. Do guest blogging on quality and ‘relevant to your platform’ sites. Do your homework by finding and researching relevant sites that you'd like to guest on. Notice what the sites writes about. Read the guidelines very carefully. Submit a query.

3.  Post quality and polished content to article directories that other website and blogsite owners will find of value and can post to their sites for free.

While this strategy doesn't hold that same 'punch' it used to, it still has the power to broaden your visibility and reach. You just never know who may be searching that directory for information.

When writing for article directories or even guest blogging, make your ‘author bio’ as compelling a possible. You want to get people to click on your link. Your ‘bio’ is just as important as your article content. The reader needs to know that by clicking on your link, she will be benefited with more valuable information, tools, or freebies.

As an example, Joe Smith could use the following as his author bio:

Joe Smith is a published author, ghostwriter, and freelance writer. Learn more about writing and marketing at www.

It’s not likely that people will really care about what Joe Smith does – what they want is to know what will be in it for them if they click on his link. It’s all about the WITFM (what’s in it for me).

So, a more effective author bio might be:

To get more 'results' out of your writing and marketing efforts and to pick up your complimentary copy of "Get Your Freelance Writing Soaring," go to

Do you see and understand the difference? Make the reader want to click on the link.

Also, the link the reader clicks on for this information should go to a specific landing page. It may be for your email opt-in or other CTA. Just be sure the page is focused and free of distractions.

4. Create and publish informational videos to sites like YouTube. Video marketing is a must today for creating visibility and website traffic. And, it's one of the best 'conversion' tools.

Another strategy to use to get traffic to your site is ‘link bait.’

With this strategy you submit well written and valuable articles to sites like and even article directories like Ezine Articles. If the article is very informative or entertaining, or the ‘good’ form of controversial, it will get picked up by the site and put on its home page. Now you’re talking lots of visibility and traffic resulting in lots of links.

Most important of all, is to write useable and fresh content that readers will want to share!

All these tips will help generate more visibility and traffic to your website, increasing your links and hopefully your conversions.

There is obviously much more involved in SEO marketing, but this is part of the basics.


Conversion - this is the process of a visitor saying YES to your call-to-action. In other words, a visitor subscribing to your mailing list, or a visitor clicking on your BUY NOW button for a service or product. It's the process of having a visitor take the desired action you want.

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