7 Wise Book Marketing Tips for Writers

Today's guest post is by Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott.

It is incredibly tough for a writer to grab attention in this competitive market. Here are 7 marketing tips to help the self-published author.

1. Always answer your e-mail. - No matter how busy you get, authors should always answer their own email. Communicating with the public helps you learn their likes and dislikes of your work. It's the best focus group you can get. TIP: answer within 48 hours or you risk losing a visitor and potential reader.

2. Conduct an online chat. - In a chat room you may draw up to 100 readers, compared to bookstores that may only draw 10. When a new book is about to launch, chat rooms can be beneficial in spreading the word.

3. Borrow successful ideas. - Face it, we all get a little envious of the greener grass in our fellow authors yard. One way to stay abreast of things in the publishing business is to set up Google Alerts for keywords or phrases you want to know about. Every time someone posts an article on one of your keywords, you receive notification by email. It is a great way to follow your favorite authors. It is also an excellent way to generate unique and creative promotional ideas.

4. The power of social media. - Don't underestimate the value of social media. Social Media, such as Twitter or Facebook, is a great way to form a community. Consider writing about other people in your genre that you admire by doing an interview or podcast. These articles will draw readers to your blog through association of names they are familiar with.

5. Brand yourself by varying your writing styles. - Write everything from magazine articles, newsletters, plays, greeting cards, and comic books. When offered the chance to write a type of writing unfamiliar to you, view it as a learning experience. Deconstruct successful techniques to see how they handled elements of plot, tension, or point of view. Successful books are a blueprint for successful writing.

6. Reach out to Groups that will want to promote your message. - If you write a book stating your personal and political beliefs less people will be apt to buy it. But if you focus your novel on the positive aspect, such as how the vegetarian diet can help you lose weight (animal rights), or how yoga reduces stress and prolongs your life (anti-video game; anti-smoking; anti-couch potato syndrome), then you can get your message across and certain organizations would be excited about promoting your book to spread their message.

7. Choose topics with a built-in audience. - Many topics have a sizable following such as the NFL, NASCAR, X-Factor, or the Vatican. Enthusiasts or fans of these topics are ready-made readers.

Set Up Google Alerts - for keywords or phrases
• Twitter
• Facebook

-Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott is the founder of, a resource for self-published authors. She also operates OneWay Advertising. and Design, a Christian advertising and marketing agency focusing on the Book and Ebook market. Since 1988, she has provided professional services including book layout and design, book and e-book formatting, Internet marketing, website design and SEO. She has published several books including the "Ebook Formatting Kit for Epub and Mobi" and "How to Create a Book Cover Design."

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