Content Marketing - Blog Posting, Keywords, Anchor Text, Tags, and Website Statistics Part1

This is another two-parter, being over 900 words. The link to Part 2 is below.

Blog Posting, Keywords, Anchor Text, Tags, and Website Statistics Part1

Every marketer knows the importance of content marketing, or as it was formerly known, article marketing. Whichever it's called, it’s an effective visibility tool and increases the user’s expert status. For individual websites, this is in the form of blog posting.

But, you can write an article that’s properly formatted, has a great title and amazing information and if you don’t use keywords, include tags, SHARE and Promote that article, you won’t get optimized traffic to your site. This can’t be stressed enough.

I did an analysis of two of my sites. Both are focused on writing and marketing. My individual site, Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing (KCWM) usually has three posts per week. My group site, The Writers on the Move (WOTM), usually has at least one article per day – a few days there are two articles per day.

Take note though that when getting website statistics, numbers will vary significantly depending on the source of the information. Blogger’s Stats tool was used for this analysis.

According to the Blogger Stats, which site do you think gets more traffic?

Since the marketing philosophy is’ content is king,’ you’d think the WOTM site would get tons more traffic, because it provides quality information on a daily basis.

Well, if that’s the site you chose, you’d be wrong. The KCWM site gets double the traffic WOTM does.

Another interesting tidbit is that the majority of traffic from both sites comes from:

  • Google searches
  • Yahoo searches and yahoo mail
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Google is by far the leader of the traffic sources with Twitter holding up the rear.

So, the question to ask is WHY does the KCWM site get so much more traffic than the WOTM site?

The answer has to be keywords, anchor text, tags, and promotion. We’ll now take a look at each factor.


If you notice above, the leader of the traffic sources is Google searches, which is driven by keywords.

Every post on my site is keyword focused. What this means is that I do a keyword search before posting the article. I start with a focused word, say “blog posts.” If the article focus words don’t pull their search weight, I change them to more effective keywords.

And, as it has been stated before in other articles, your keywords should be in your title,  subtitle (if you have one), and within the content of your article. Be sure to add the keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph, and here and there throughout. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Blog Posting, Keywords, Anchor Text, Tags, and Website Statistics Part2



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Anonymous said...

Interesting first parter. I look forward to reading the second part. I enjoy visiting both blogs.

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Susann, I'm glad you found the post interesting. And, so glad you enjoy both blogs!