The Rhythm of Freelance Writing

In a recent newsletter (sign-up at the right sidebar), I mentioned about the rhythm of freelance writing.

You have some work, you don't have any work. You have so much work you need to subcontract some of it out.

 This can be the nature of freelancing.

Preparing for a recent project, I cleared my calendar for the month and learned a valuable lesson. When you focus on a project, task, article, or whatever, you can accomplish more than if you dabble here and there in your social networks, emails, and so on.

I actually felt free, not having to touch base with my groups, not having to  promote on the social networks, not having to read all my emails. It was liberating and a time freeing sensation, even though I was hard at work on a ghosting job.

I did though, in preparation for clearing my calendar, write a two articles, prepost my Twitter posts for the month, preposted my blog post for here and my guest posts, and preposted my newsletter emails, all at the very beginning of the month. I think it took me two days to do all this, but the rest of the month I was relatively free, aside from my work.

But, now that I'm not so pressed for time, I'm not sure I'd do all that preposting again unless it's absolutely needed.

It's always a good idea to keep specific days for specific projects. This seems to be the best strategy. Pick one day a week for preposting your blogposts, guest posts, tweets, and so on. And, for time spent on social networks and reading informative emails and posts, set a timer for at most one hour a day. Use the rest of your day to be productive.

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Kathleen Moulton said...


This is great information. Hearing this again reinforces it for me. I particularly liked the point about setting the timer for an hour. I'm just getting used to keeping certain days for certain things. Old habits are hard to break! But when I stay to my schedule, I am definitely more productive.


Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Kathy,

I have to read it periodically for reminders myself. It's just too easy to get sidetracked.

Thanks for stopping by!