Should You Submit The Same Article To Multiple Article Directories?

Should You Submit The Same Article To Multiple Article Directories?

By GT Allen

This is one of the classic questions that comes up time and time again in article marketing. In fact, after Google completed their Panda update that essentially penalized and destroyed content farms, this question comes up even more.

Here's the bottom line... There's absolutely no benefit at all to submitting your same article to multiple directories, but there is 1 exception.

Let me explain...

If you write one original and unique article, but you submit it to 100 different article directories, Google is only going to display the article 1 time in the search results. It makes absolutely no sense for Google to display the same article 10 times on the first page of the search results. That doesn't help Google nor does it help Google's customers.

Plus, you should ask yourself why you're writing the article in the first place. Is it for search engine rankings or is it for human consumption? It should be for human consumption. If you are building a business based on search engine rankings, you are playing with fire. Google can change the algorithm and put you out of business the next day, just like it did with for a lot of people with the infamous Panda update.

Getting search engine rankings is just a benefit of the process, and that's it. Consequently, that's the exception to the question of this article. If you have an article that is a high performing article and it's not at the top of page 1, but maybe it's close, then you can write another similar article and submit it to other article directories. The purpose would be to get that high performing article to the top spot for a particular keyword phrase.

The strategy here is to link to the article you want to move up. Instead of using the resource box to link to your website, link to the article you want to improve. Usually you can increase the rankings of that article with this one little strategy. Other than that, there's no reason to submit the same article to multiple article directories.

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Donna McDine said...

Hi Karen,

Very interesting post! I've learned quite a bit from your insights.

Thank you and best regards,

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks Donna!

Anonymous said...

How about writing 2-3 articles and submitting it to only top 10 free article directories rather than hundreds?

Karen Cioffi said...

Sanjay, As GT mentioned, Google will only pick up a title a content once. Submitting to 2 or 3 directores is helpful if you want to broaden your reader base.

Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...
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Emmanuel said...

But what if the article is for human consumption and not for the rankings,to help and provide solutions, can I write just that article and put it in top directories? Or is it that people don't go to article directories anymore or the goal of writng articles are for the rankings?

Karen Cioffi said...

Emmanuel, The idea of article marketing is to provide valuable information for your readers. If you're interested in rankings, then you still need to provide valuable information. So no matter how you look at it, bloggers should write for their readers.

Yes, you can write and put the same article in multiple directories to reach more people and broaden your reach - that's what I do.

People still use article directories - they have a much larger distribution and reach than the individual blogger. And, people use them to find content for their own sites - I do.

Hope this helps,

Valli said...

Thanks. That's very informative regarding article marketing.

Karen Cioffi said...

Valli, Glad you found the article informative. Thanks for stopping by.

Raj Verma said... much thank to you for posting
this article because i'm so confuse
deu to this question.

Karen Cioffi said...

S.G., glad it was helpful!

guptaabhijit318 said...

That's very informative regarding article marketing. I’m new to article marketing and wanted to know just that. Thanks for clarifying all of that.

Karen Cioffi said...

Gup, Glad you found the post helpful!

Unknown said...

But If I had write the article and i can't submit it in to the multiple article directory sites, so what is use of my writing an article?

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Solvemyprobemm,

While what the guest blogger says is true, submitting to multiple directories still has it's benefits. Each of those directories has its own audience and own search engine within that particular site. You'll still get more visibility.

Also, aside from article directories, you can first publish that article to your own website blog and draw traffic by sharing it on your social media networks.

Content marketing is pretty much the only online game in town.