5 Marketing Tips to Help Build Your Business

June was exceptionally hectic for me. I presented two webinars, one with around 550 registered attendees. So, the pressure was on!

Doing all that and just doing regular online things, I learned, or rather was reminded of a few of things:

1. Don't overbook yourself - it's really not worth it. 

Overbooking yourself just puts too much pressure on, which isn't healthy or productive.

Well, I take that back, somewhat. Don't overbook yourself unless an opportunity 'comes a knockin' on your door that would be foolish to pass up. And, even then, see if you can reschedule it, if you're already swamped.

2. Never pass up an opportunity.

This kind of goes with the above and doesn't necessarily mean an opportunity that drops into your lap. I got an exceptional webinar opportunity because I responded to a query in a newsletter I subscribe to. I proposed a webinar for the company's series and it was accepted.

Take that step forward . . . raise your hand . . . it's how you'll get noticed and increase your mailing list.

3. Post to your blog a minimum of once a week and make it informative and interesting.

I get a number of requests for connections in Linkedin and if I don't know the individual, I always check out the person's profile and website before accepting.

If I go to a blog that has a post from 2011, or even a couple of month's ago, my first inclination is to decline the request.

While a good number of posts per week is three, post at least once a week, even if it's a low word count, but informative post.

Let the visitor know you and your site are alive and well. And, that you have something to offer other than your product.

Some of those requests I mentioned have websites and/or their blogs set up as landing pages purely for sales. I don't know about others, but why would I want to connect to someone else's product? Of course this is different if it's someone you know and want to help out or 'pay-it-forward.'

4. Include your headshot or other personal picture.

If at all possible, include your image, as professional as possible, in all your social networks, it makes it personal and appealing. This is another element that will make me pause if a connection is requested - I like to know who I'm connecting with.

Numbers three and four are the same for Twitter and any social network I connect with.

5. If presenting a live presentation or webinar keep in mind that anything can happen - just go with the flow.

And, that's about it for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. All great tips. I've been blogging for quite some time now and I still need to get a picture of myself put up on my blog and other social media sites. I need to talk to my photographer friend about it.

Karen Cioffi said...

Susanne, the picture is a must. I just had my husband take several head shots of me for mine - I simply used the one I thought looked best. It's not really 'professional,' but it serves its purpose. :)

One day I'll actually get a pro head shot.