Content Creation - Do This Once a Day and Get All the Traffic You Need

Content Creation - Do This Once a Day and Get All the Traffic You Need (My favorite strategy)

Guest Post By Jeff Herring

Content marketing online has been called more powerful than print, audio and video by Entrepreneur Magazine.

So if you are online, you want to get your fair share of the profits from content marketing, yes?

The reason why more people do not take advantage of the power of content marketing and article marketing is even with endorsements like those from Entrepreneur Magazine, they still do not get the enormous power of regular content creation.

I've often said that "an article a day keeps recession away and sends traffic your way."

What? Write an article a day?

Yes! Or at least some kind of content each and every day.

When you do this, several good things happen:

1) When you create some kind of content on a regular basis and then market that content online, you can get all the traffic you need.

Did you catch that? Create a piece of content everyday (an article, a blog post, a video, even a tweet or Facebook update or LinkedIn update), get it online, you will be able to get all the traffic you need.

I've been doing this nearly every day for years and I could not stop the traffic coming into my web properties if I wanted to, and I certainly do not want to.

2) When you create content regularly, you do not have to ever face writer's block. In fact, doing this every day has led me to believe there is no such thing as writer's block. Think about it: have you ever had eating block? Speaking block? Of course not. And these are things we do every day.

3) A nice side benefit of creating content on a daily basis and then marketing it by getting it online is a powerful online presence, or "online visibility." When prospects see you all over the internet in your niche, you are seen as the obvious "go to" expert.

Convinced about the power of creating content and getting it out there?

Good! Then let me help you out even more. I've got 2 Instant Content Creation Templates with your name on them waiting for you over on my blog at

You'll see the sign up box right there at the top of the blog, right there in the header. You can't miss it! Well, you could, but you would have to try real hard...

Grab your set and get started creating your content!

From Jeff Herring - The Article Marketing Guy

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