Networking Like a Pro

This is a review of a great marketing book I read my Ivan Misner.

Title: Networking Like a Pro
Author: Ivan Misner, Ph.D., David Alexander and Brian Hilliard
ISBN: 10-1-59918-356-0
ISBN: 13: 978-59918-356-5
Reviewed by: Karen Cioffi for

My usual focus of marketing and networking is targeted at online readers and businesses. It seems a great deal of promotion and networking is created toward this format. But, we tend to forget about the original form of networking which if face-to-face.

Networking Like a Pro is not only a reminder that face to face business networking is still alive and healthy, in many businesses it is also a necessity. And, it is a skill like any other that needs to be learned and honed.

The subtitle to the book, Turning Contacts Into Connections, is the subject the co-authors delve into. This is the essence of all our marketing endeavors: We have something we want to sell, whether services or products, and those we come in contact with, whether online or fact-to-face are either potential customers or contacts.

To better understand, the co-authors compare social capital to financial capital. While financial capital is material wealth, money or property, social capital is, according to Networking Like a Pro: “[. . .] the accumulation of resources developed in the course of social interactions, especially through personal and professional networks.” They go on to explain that “these resources include ideas, knowledge, information, opportunities, contacts, and, of course, referrals. They also include trust, confidence, friendship, good deeds, and goodwill.”

This book is covers a wide-range of networking topics covering: The Networking Mind-Set; Your Networking Strategy; Networking Face to Face; Making Your Network Work; Secrets of the Masters; and Is Your Networking Working? Each of theses topics is thoroughly examined and explained through analysis, step-by-step instruction, conversational examples and diagrams.

In Part III. Networking Face to Face, the co-authors examine: Joining the Crowd; The 12 x 12 x 12 Rule; Where’s Your Attention Focused?; Telling Your Company’s Story; and Quantity is Fine, But Quality is King. This section is so detailed it provides networking mixer diagram configurations with explanations of how to read a room. In the chapter, Telling Your Company’s Story, the co-authors explain your unique selling proposition (USP) which every marketer must have: “It describes your business in terms of the needs it can fill and allows people to decide whether they want to learn more.” Nothing is left to guess-work. Each Each section is conveyed in the same manner.

I was impressed with Networking Like a Pro. It provides a tremendous amount of practicable information in an understandable format. Co-authors Misner, Alexander and Hilliard created a comprehensive book that covers a number of networking strategies. It explains with great detail the ins and outs, and tricks of the trade of Networking Like a Pro and turning contacts into connections.


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