Content Marketing - Commenting on Blogs Still Works

Commenting on blogs is still an effective marketing strategy, maybe even more so than before.

A Question From a Subscriber: I comment on some blog sites, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Should I continue anyway?

YES, absolutely.

I recently left a comment on a post. When I comment on a site, time allowing, I usually browse the other comments. One in particular seemed to be informative, so I clicked on the author’s latest post link. I happened upon a useful site and actually tried to subscribe to the email post feed. Unfortunately, it seems the feed wasn’t enabled, although the site owner had the opt-in for it. But, that’s another story.

On sites that provide the commenter’s last post link, this is an excellent way to broaden your reach and easily bring visitors back to your site. Just like I clicked on that commenter’s link, based on an effective post title, the same can happen to you. The source for this linkable feature is CommentLuv.

CommentLuv is a commenting system plugin for WordPress. But, it can be used on Blogger. Check out this link for a tutorial:

How to Enable CommentLuv on Blogger 

Hopefully, Blogger will add CommentLuv to it's gadgets to make this process much easier.

Another benefit of this content marketing strategy is the site owner becomes aware of who you are - this is always a good thing.

In addition to the obvious benefits of commenting, the activity you create online is picked up by search engines. This includes comments.

Make commenting an important element of your book marketing strategy


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chandro shekhor roy said...

thanks a lot

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

Chandro, glad you found the post helpful!

BN Teams said...

Thanks for solving my confusion regarding blog commenting... Its really good to comment.

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Dear Karen, Thanks for writing this post and sharing it again in your newsletter.

Reading blogs and leaving comments also helps encourage the bloggers to continue sharing ideas that inspire you and educate you.

You do a lot of both. Thanks.


Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

Joan, that's one of the great aspects of commenting on blogs. You make connections, further the conversation, and build your authority!

Nazmul Islam Sujan said...

Yes, still now commenting an effective term to get traffic and back-link.

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

Nazmul. Yes it is. Thanks for stopping by!