Book Marketing - To Niche or Not to Niche

I was recently asked about having a marketing niche. The writer wanted to know what a niche was and if it was important.

My reply:

A marketing niche is simply a specific topic you’re focusing on. One writer may write for children, another may write business content. Then there are also more specific niches: writing children’s picture books or writing specifically on business incentives in the business arena.

And, there are niches within niches. In the writing arena, you can be a children’s author, a romance author, a nonfiction writer, a biographer, a ghostwriter, or copywriter, among a number of other niches.

So, to say you’re a writer, while it may be true, it’s not specific enough. It doesn’t give the listener, reader, or viewer enough information about you and what you have to offer.

Having a specific niche is important so you can create the element of expertise in it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one niche, but you do need to keep them separate and promote each separately.

For example, I’m the Article Writing Doctor, an online platform instructor, and a freelance writer. I'm a health, business, and marketing writer. And, I'm a children’s writer (and ghostwriter) of picture books and middle grade books. I wear many writing hats.

If I had one website for all these niches, it wouldn’t be focused.

Visitors wouldn't know what to think. And, when marketing who would I market to? You wouldn’t want to bring people looking for health information to a children’s book site or vice versa.

You can’t market to everyone; you need to decide exactly who you will focus your marketing efforts on. And, that audience needs to be brought to a site that focuses on that niche.

So, the answer to the title dilemma, YES you need to have a focused niche.


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anthony stemke said...

Hi Karen. Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Hope you are coming out of the Sandy aftermath in good shape.

Karen Cioffi said...

Tony, Thank you and back at ya! I hope you and Kathy have a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR!

We're slowly recovering from Sandy. Still having trouble with FEMA, but what are you going to do. :)