Social Media Connections - To Endorse or Not to Endorse

What’s Your Marketing Integrity Philosophy

In one of my Linkedin groups, a member asked, “What does integrity mean to you?”

In our fasted paced, condensed internet world, where you really never know who you’re connecting with, integrity is an important issue.

Integrity to me means being honest and having 'high' moral standards in all aspects of life and business. It really boils down to the 'do unto others' biblical philosophy.

A commenter in the group mentioned that she doesn’t endorse people she doesn’t’ know, but wasn’t sure if this was appropriate, since others who don’t know her endorse her.

This issue just came up last week for me again. A new Linkedin connection who I don’t know messaged me that he recommended me in seven areas and asked if I would reciprocate in only two for him.

Two things went through my head: (1) it’s an awkward situation and (2) why would anyone recommend someone they don’t know.

I don't endorse people I don't know. To me it's unethical and would be doing my subscribers and connections a disservice if I did.

I, as nicely as I could, thanked him for the recommendations, but had to decline on the reciprocation. I explained why and he replied back that he understood.

This situation holds true for connecting with someone also. I always check the profile and related sites before accepting. Unfortunately, there are scammers and others out there who I prefer not being associated with, in part because of my values and in part as respect to those who I'm connected with.

I do this for all my social networks. I always check who I’m going to be connected with.

As a writer and/or marketer, with connections and subscribers of your own, being considered honest is a key relationship elements. If you want to create and build strong and long-lasting relationships, you need to take your ‘connections’ into account in all your online actions.

What’s your marketing integrity philosophy?



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