Content Marketing - Websites in Trouble

As we all do, I come across website designs while I’m following a link to an article or doing research. There are a number of sites I find that are in ‘effective marketing’ trouble.

When I find one or two that have obvious mistakes I discuss the problems and solutions here.

These tips are valid for content marketing, book marketing, and online marketing in general.

Note: I won’t be including the name of the site/s or the links for obvious reasons. This is just helpful information for you.


The first site being critiqued this week is a site that has a beautiful full header, but upon landing on the site there is no information as to what the site is about. The tile is the individual’s, but you can’t tell if that person is an author, a businesswoman, or other. Even the page tags don’t give sufficient information on where you are.

There is an opt-in above the fold, but it’s simple text and unboxed . . . very easy to overlook.

Solution: Add a subtitle to the header, using effective keywords. This will let the visitor instantly know what type of site he is on.

For the text opt-in, get a standard boxed opt-in that is easily distinguishable.


This site is a business site that I found through Twitter. I clicked on its link and was taken to their graphic design service. The background of the site is navy blue, very, very dark and the sidebar text is white. The header is busy and it’s difficult to read the center text. 

The ‘store’ page has boxed individual service options, but the text is tiny. And, being in scattered, individual boxes, along with a busy heading and dark background, it’s not an easy or appealing read.

Solution: Lighten the background color and use black text. According to, a very light background (white) with dark text (black) is the most ‘visitor friendly’ and effective combination. And, tone down the header graphics.

On the ‘store’ page, simple would work much better. Along with the color fixes, this site needs to create conformity in the services boxes’ size. It also needs to un-scatter them. Having one under the other would create a much easier read.

Based on the site’s design, I wouldn’t use their services.

One of the most important elements to an effective website is clarity and ‘easy reading.’ You have to quickly let the visitor know: who you are; what you have to offer; and why they should say YES to what you're offering.



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widdershins said...

Some people think if more is good then even more is better, and more-st is better-est!!!

Karen Cioffi said...

LOL Love it, Widdershins. And, it's so true!