Email Marketing and Subscriber Segmentation – Make Your Automated Email Targeted and Personal

Subscriber segmentation is the process of creating more targeted subscriber lists within your list. This process enables you to create a much more personalized subscriber experience.  And, the way you go about segmenting your list is through data collection.

In a webinar hosted by SherpaMarketing, Hear and Play owner Jermaine Griggs explained that personalized automated emails based on triggers are 43% effective.
That’s a great percentage.

Griggs went on to say that segmentation is the strategy of “using ‘data to segment prospects and customers to deliver personal experiences.” The process is to collect and analyze obtained data and use it to tweak your list for personalization. Grigg’s noted this as “message to market match.”

Okay, segmentation sounds reasonable, but, is this extra step in email marketing really necessary?

Why is Subscriber Segmentation Important?

You may be asking why subscriber segmentation is important. The reason is to streamline your process and to avoid bombarding your subscribers with content and offers they aren’t interested in.

Suppose you signed up to a music site to get information on playing the piano, but you continually get email offers for playing the clarinet, or the banjo, or the harmonica. How would you feel? Would you stop opening the emails or worse yet, unsubscribe?

Everyone in inundated with more emails than they can comfortably handle. Getting offers or information that isn’t requested or wanted is just annoying. Subscriber segmentation avoids this pitfall.

Another reason segmentation is effective is the personal aspect of it. The message to market match strategy allows for the building of a trusting and lasting relationship. Your subscriber will appreciate the focused information and offers. He will feel you are truly interested in him and want to help him move forward on his journey.

Taking it Up a Notch

To further cement your subscriber relationship with personalized emails and boost conversion, you might also offer perks, such as an Amazon gift card or other easy to send gift for saying YES to a certain number of offers, or for reaching a certain action level.

Or, you might provide daily or weekly tips in their area of interest. No promotion,  just targeted information to help them move forward.

American Writers & Artists (AWAI) offers credits for all purchases and subscriptions that can be applied to future purchases. This is a great incentive to say YES to offers.

Test out these and the many other marketing strategies available and find those that work best for you.


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