How to Make Money Marketing Articles

Guest Post by Evelyn Y. Vargas

Online entrepreneurs are using articles to generate leads and to increase their conversion rate. Writing is a very effective way to capture customers' attention. By distributing such write-ups in the internet, the chances of a business to get a bigger number of audience are high. Company owners are also hiring freelance writers to spread the word about them. The amount of compensation depends on the person's skills and years of experience. If you have a passion in writing, this could be your opportunity to make money online.

Education and experience

In truth, you don't have to be a professional writer to penetrate this industry. As a matter of fact, employers won't even require you to have a formal education in publishing or to attend a 4-year course for this particular job. As long as you can express your thoughts and opinion in English - with acceptable grammar - you can easily succeed in this endeavor. In addition, relevant experiences such as having a personal blog and contributions to online publications are also of huge help.

Writing style

When blogging for a specific company or product, you have to remember that simple words are much more appreciated than encyclopedia-type articles. Think about your audience. Most likely, they are ordinary people who want to understand your point immediately, Don't make them search a dictionary for word meanings because this will turn them off. Avoid also very long sentences that may confuse the reader. Create a unique writing style of your own and consider topics that would be interesting to readers.

Topic or niche

DIY (do it yourself) and other helpful information are much preferred today. People want to learn new things so share your knowledge about cooking, baking, gardening, blogging, web designing, etc. Informative articles and blog posts are very much in-demand because internet users are looking for reading materials with focus on a specific topic or niche. Submit your blog to major article directories, forums, blog networks and web magazines to drive visitors to your web page.

Tools and software

If you have a website, set up a plugin that will allow your followers to subscribe to your posts. In this way, they will automatically receive a notification every time you have a new published article. There are plenty of free tools out there but you can also buy a software or hire a programmer to customize one for you. Finally, don't forget to install FaceBook, Twitter and other social networking buttons to let your visitors share your articles fast and easy.

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