Success and Setting Goals

Whether you’re an author, freelance writer, online marketer, or if you’re in another field, you need a plan. You need an action plan, a GPS to get you started, keep you going, and see that you achieve your goals.

I found a great video of Zig Ziglar on Setting Goals (it's only 5 minutes):


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J.Q. Rose said...

I love Zig's delivery and his straight talk. Goal setting is so important to success...I agree! Members of our crit group set goals every Mon, then the next Mon we report on how many we accomplished that week. Really keeps you accountable.! Thanks for sharing this video, Karen.

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, JQ, You're welcome! I too love his presentations and insights. That's great that your critique group sets goals every week - they really do make a difference is focus and accountability.