10 Useful and Free Writing and Online Marketing Tools

To help you on your writing and online marketing journey, here are the tools and resources:

Free Video Creation Tool Guide

Twitter Glossary

Free Design Tools for Visual Marketers

Resource Round-up
Offers a list of great writing sites for grammar, words, and more

Tools for the Not so Savvy Designer

Elements of Style

EditMinion is a robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing by finding common mistakes. To get started, paste a chapter of writing into the box below and click Edit! Don't paste too much or the script will stop responding. This is still very much in Beta format.

Resize My Picture
Allows you to change your image into any size – great tool.

Update: Sorry, but two of the website links were broken, so I had to remove them. You still have eight great tools though. 


Small Business Marketing – Know What Consumers Buy
Book Marketing – Create a Blog
Using Video for Marketing


Carol Tice said...

Hi Karen !

Twitter...glossary! I am adding that to my social-media trainings in future.

Thanks for turning me on to a great resource!

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Carol,

I'm honored you stopped by and am so glad you found the Twitter glossary link helpful!