A Blog or Social Media – Which is More Influential?

Technorati published its 2013 Digital Influence Report and according to Social Media Examiner, the findings are pretty interesting.

The report revealed consumers favor blogs over social media networks for “trust, popularity, and even influence.” The ‘influence’ aspect pertains to buying influence. Blogs outranked even Facebook in this area.

While the results pertained to businesses and brands, this is something you should take note of. Having a blog and posting content on a regular basis is how you develop a relationship with your visitors/readers.

Blogs create a personal connection, kind of like visiting someone’s home. Social media offers a connection, but kind of like meeting at a diner for coffee or other non-personal setting.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you want to influence people, whether shaping opinions or influencing buying decisions, or selling what you have to offer, you need a website – you need a blog.

If you don't have a website up yet, get started today!


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