Your Author Online Platform and Numbers – Newsletter Subscribers, Speaking Engagements, and Book Sales

If you’re a writer-author, what’s the first thing you need to think of before submitting your manuscript?

Your online platform.

In Chuck Sambuchino’s book, “Create Your Writer Platform,” he notes that the writer’s platform (its visibility, connections, and reach) is a key factor when looking for a publisher or agent.

The book lists five elements or categories of an online platform and gives the numbers that will make the recipients of your manuscript take notice. In fact, the higher the numbers, the better your chances of a contract and the higher your advance may be.

In a prior article the first two categories, Blog Page Views and Twitter Followers, were covered. This article moves on to the next three: Newsletter Subscribers, Public Speaking Appearances, and Sales of Self-Published Books.

The numbers are broken down into three categories: notable, every notable, and impressive.

Have a seat and hold on tight – these numbers are not for the faint-of-heart.

Newsletter Subscribers

This category has the same 'notable' number as Twitter followers, 5,000.

If you’ve been doing email marketing, sending out newsletters on a regular basis, you’ll know getting 5,000 subscribers is somewhat of a feat and can take quite a bit of time.

Garnering subscribers takes effective online marketing strategies that are done regularly. One of those strategies is to have an effective ‘ethical bribe’ that will entice the visitor/reader enough to be willing to give up her email address.

To reach the ‘very notable’ category, you’ll need 20,000 subscribers.

The “impressive” number for subscribers is 100,000. You’d better roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work on this one.

Public Speaking Appearances

This category assumes new authors are involved in public speaking. The reality is that not all authors, new or seasoned, are involved in this marketing strategy. This is not to say they shouldn’t be, but it’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea and not everyone is capable of doing it.

The numbers for this category: ‘notable’ is “speaking to 1,000 people (total) a year;” for ‘very notable’ it’s 3,000; and impressive is 15,000.

Sales of Self-published Books

This is another category in which not all authors are involved, but if you are, here are the numbers:

Notable: 4,000+ for nonfiction and 2,000+ for fiction.
Very notable: 10,000+ for nonfiction and, 6,000+ for fiction
Impressive: 30,000+ for nonfiction and 15,000 for fiction.

Summing It Up

Writers are no longer simply writers. Writers are now a business with a marketing plan and hopefully a marketing budget. Authors now need to allocate a significant amount of time toward marketing themselves and their products. And, this should be started well before you’re at the point of querying and submissions.

According to most agents and publishers, authors looking to submit should have an online platform in place, one with at least ‘notable’ numbers.

Your author online platform should be taken seriously. Learn the steps needed to build your reach, authority, and numbers.

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