Best SEO Techniques for Small Businesses

Best practice SEO techniques for small businesses

Guest Post by Magnetize PR

For many small businesses just starting out, getting their website up and running will be a primary start up task. More businesses now realise that there is a massive online market which can provide massive sales potential. With more people purchasing online, companies realise that having an online business will be the key to future success. For those business owners not wanting to use an SEO company just yet, but still want to know how they can improve their online presence and ensure the practices they adopt are sustainable, here are a few SEO tactics to get you started.

Quality content

With the recent panda algorithm update targeting sites with low quality content, business owners and SEO professionals are realising that quality content is the key to sustainable success. Consumer behaviour online is changing and when they search for results, if the quality is not what they are looking for, they will bounce off and never return. The search engines are using different metrics now when ranking pages in the SERPS. They will look at social signals. For example, if lots of people are liking or following a particular piece of content then it is probable that more weight with be given when ranking a that page. Metrics that the search engines will take into account includes bounce rate, visits and links to the page. Focusing on quality content has become more important than ever. With inbound marketing, social media, and SEO strategies being content lead, business owners should ensure that researching what questions customers are searching for and providing quality content that answers these queries will form the foundation of their content marketing strategy.

Building quality links

Links have always been an important element to ranking a website in the search engines. Past link building techniques have abused the search engine guidelines and black hat link building techniques, such as building lots of low quality sites that featured exact match anchor text, were enough to rank poor quality sites in the search engines, many of which were affiliate sites. The penguin update released by Google last year was aimed at targeting low quality links and over optimisation. Now sites that use link networks and have lots of low quality links face being penalised. Link quality is more important than ever with blogger outreach being the primary tactic used for building quality links. Previous link building techniques such as directory submissions, low quality link networks, social book marks, and article submissions no longer have the same effect.

Blogger outreach is the most legitimate way of building links at present that really focuses on building relationships with other blog owners. Website owners through blogger outreach can source quality trusted websites and pitch content ideas to blog owners with the hope that their article submission will be accepted and published. The blog owner gets free quality content for their website in return for a quality link back. The search engines use links as votes representing what pages are important and popular. Therefore building quality links has and still is an important element to ranking a website in the search engines. Link variation will also be important ensuring that a website’s link profile will look natural.

Producing quality content and building quality links will be two essential practices for any small business looking to rank their website within the search engines. There are many other elements that will form part of a successful SEO strategy, including on page optimisation and social signals. However quality content and building quality links will be the foundation of a sustainable SEO strategy that will survive the next round of algorithm updates.

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This article was produced by Magnetize PR for small business owners. They offer inbound marketing services including SEO consultancy, PPC, Content marketing, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation.


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