Great Headline and Pitch Formula

Here's a great fill-in-the-blank formula you can use for a grabbing headline, pitch, or book title that is guaranteed to grab a reader's attention virtually every time. It's from "Rick Frishman's Sunday Tips."

* Pitch Formula:  "Is/Are __________ making you ____________?"

And here's a couple of examples of how you might apply it:

Show Pitch:  "Is your house making you sick?"

Show Pitch:  "Are your kids making you fat?"

What you're looking for when you use this formula is a combination of things that are unlikely. The answer may only be yes once in a while, but that's enough to justify posing the question ... and getting people's attention.

How about, "Is Christmas creating a society full of liars?" Whether it is or isn't is immaterial, but it could be argued that by telling our children lies when they are young (flying reindeer, deer with red noses, a sleigh that can hold enough presents for every kid on earth) that we are indeed creating a society of liars.

It doesn't matter if your claim is ultimately true or not ... as long as it's arguable. What really matters is that it gets people's attention and it's a great show.

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