Email Marketing Tips - Information Needed in Your Welcome Message (make the process stress free)

I recently listened to a number of five minute podcasts from marketing experts. This setup was an ‘ethical bribe’ to sign up to the campaign of the day. But, that’s another story. 

One of the podcasts discussed the effective use of your Welcome or Thank You message when someone opts onto your mailing list. I’ve written on this topic before, on how to optimize your welcome message, but this podcast reminded of a couple of strategies that are well worth passing along.

Make the process easy: Information that should be included in your Thank You message:

The first bit of information, aside from thanking the person for signing up, should be a reminder about what they signed up for. You’d think this wouldn’t be necessary, but people are overwhelmed with all the information they get in their inbox that it’s easy for them to forget why they opted-in in the first place. So, give them a reminder.

I start my Welcome/Thank You message with:

Welcome to The Writing World and thanks so much for subscribing.

Here’s the gift promised. I hope you find it helpful:
Title of Gift
URL to download

This is also the place to let the subscriber know what to do. Does she need to click on a confirmation link to join? You might add: “There’s one more step. Please confirm.” Also, you might explain how to download the gift: “To get your gift, simply click on the URL and download The Title to your computer.

Make everything easy and stress free.

You will also want to let the subscriber know that along with receiving the gift (ethical bribe), he’ll also be getting daily, weekly, monthly, or other scheduled emails with lots of helpful information. Here you’ll want to give a brief description of what he can look forward to. Maybe you’ll be providing writing tips, health tips, fitness tips, information on your books, great offers, or other information. Let him know exactly what to expect.

Another important bit of information to include is to let the subscriber know he can easily unsubscribe to the emails. Email services, such as iContact, provide this content. You can tweak it if you like or leave their wording. This takes the pressure off the subscriber, knowing he can easily unsubscribe reduces anxiety.

One more strategy to reduce anxiety is to let the subscriber know that his email address is safe and secure. Email services provide this content also.

Your Welcome message is a key marketing element. It affords lots of opportunity to make the process easy and make ‘one time only’ offers. Take advantage of all you can do with the opportunities, but remember, the main goal of the Welcome/Thank You message is to do just that, genuinely thank the subscriber for giving you his valuable email address and being a part of your online world.

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