Marketing with Press Releases – Tips on What to Avoid and What to Do

Press Releases are a powerful marketing tool and it’s important to know that if you can write an article, you can write a press release.

The press release is simply an announcement. It can be announcing your new book or service, a promotion launch, a special sale, a new member to your team, news, a new article, an accomplishment, events, workshops, and so on.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Press Release advises to avoid writing releases that are pure sales pieces. “If you write your release directed to consumers, you miss valuable opportunities for media outlets - frequently those online - which pick up press releases to run in their publications with little or no modification.”

If readers, editors, businesses, and others can see the benefit of reading and following up with your press release, they will. They need to know the WIIFM.

Along with this, press release distributors will not accept overly self-serving pieces; it can’t be a pure sales pitch to buy a product, affiliate product, or service.

Keep in mind that any product or service you’re offering and providing a press release for needs to address your target market’s needs or wants.

Mark Thompson says, “Sell the solution – Don’t sell the product.”

And, keep in mind that a buyer will be more likely to buy what he wants, rather than what he needs.

What to do to Write an Effective Press Release

The purpose of a press release, also called a media release, is to alert as many people as possible to your special news/information. So, it’s important for your press release to be at least somewhat news worthy. In addition, it’s a good idea to provide the ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM) aspect of the topic.

Joan Stewart (the Publicity Hound) puts it best in describing what constitutes a successful or effective press release:

“Today, measuring successful PR campaigns is much more sophisticated than that. It's all about changing people's behavior and prompting them to do something they wouldn't do had you not written the release. The more people who read your press release and take the action you want them to take (visit your website, buy your products, make a donation, attend your Sunday church services, call for a free brochure etc.), the more successful the press release.”

Press releases increase your visibility and broaden your marketing reach – they’re an important element in your marketing strategy.

There are seven simple steps to creating an effective press release:

1. Create an effective title (headline)
2. Write a point-on synopsis
3. Create bullet points (optional)
4. Write an overview
5. Include a bio
6. Edit and Proof your release
7. Research services and Submit

Like I mentioned, if you can write an article, you can write a press release. Write one today.

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