Book Signing Tips with Author Angela Joseph

Angela Joseph is promoting her book Women for All Seasons.

Since book signings are a part of the book marketing process, Angela has some tips to help you prompt your book.

Book Signings by Angela Joseph

I have put book signings and other events for Women For All Seasons on hold for the moment while I focus on my novel in progress and freelance writing. My last book signing was at a place where women gather – my daughter’s beauty salon. The event was not publicized as well as I’d hoped, but since it was a Saturday, there was a fair amount of traffic and I ended up selling 8 books and giving one away.

I offer a few tips for a successful book signing:

1.    Location. It doesn’t have to be a bookstore as you can see from the example above. It can be a setting that ties in with your niche market.
2.    Start local. If you start in your hometown, you are more likely to get a good attendance.
3.    Advertise. Goes without saying. Ask your friends to help you spread the word.
4.    Be creative. If your book is a novel, you can dress up like one of your characters. In the photo, I tried to look like a Jewish woman.
5.    Don’t forget the freebies.  Bookmarks, buttons, fridge magnets with your book cover on them, even your laminated book cover, are all inexpensive giveaways. I also included a plate of cookies and water.

By leaving a comment on this post, your name will be entered to win a copy of  Women For All Seasons. You may read a free sample by clicking on this link:

You may also purchase a copy of the book from Amazon.

Angela, it was a pleasure being a part of your book tour. Best Wishes for its success!


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Thanks for your tips on book signings. And congratulations on all your successes!!!!

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by to support Angela!

Angela said...

Thanks for hosting me on this tour, Karen. I apologize for not responding sooner. I wasn't aware that you were one of my hosts and I simply missed the email. But thanks again for all your help.
@Nancy, Thanks for stopping by.

Karen Cioffi said...

My pleasure, Angela!