Blogging - Does the Length of Your Blog Post Matter?

If you do article marketing, particularly through article directories, you’re expected to submit at least 400 words. This is about the average length of a post. In fact, Ezine Articles has a word meter and it’s perfect rating is at 400 words or just above. If you move into the 500 word length you move away from what the service likes. But, aside from article directories, blogging sites owned by individuals or businesses have varying word counts.

Take super-heavy-hitter blogger Seth Godin (Alexa rating: Globally 7010 / U.S. 2708). His post, “What ‘no’ means” is only 116 words. And, this is the average post length he uses regularly. I’m not kidding, click the link to check for yourself.

Then you have other authority sites, like The Renegade Writer, Inkwell Editorial, and Savvy Authors. The posts on these sites can be around 1000 words or more.

So, let’s ask the question: Does the length of your blog posts matter?

In an article at it discusses this topic. It noted that the blot post length should be whatever it takes to effectively deliver the message. I agree with this philosophy . . . to a degree.

When article marketing, one strategy is to create content that can keep giving. This means three things in particular:

1. If you use article directories, your articles usually need to be at least 400 words.

2. As a marketer and solopreneur you want to create content that you can morph into other products. For this strategy, you need to create substantial content. A 100 word article really won’t cut it.

3. Google loves content. While bloggers like Godin can rank high with 100 word posts, the average blogger won’t have the same success. Google wants your content to be readable, relevant to your site, and SHAREABLE.

Using these points, it would seem best to write average length blog posts.

Just Can’t Keep The Blog Post Length in Check

The trouble I encounter as a writer is I usually go way over 400 words. Lately, I seem to average 600 to 700 words or longer. And, the content doesn’t include fluff. It’s just that as I write, I think of additional strategies or tips I want to share with my audience.

This isn’t a problem though. You have at least three choices when writing longer articles:

1. Post them as is.
2. Add enough words to make the articles 800 to 900 words, then make the article a two-parter.
3. Divide it into two separate articles.

I usually create a series out of my longer articles. Some of my articles can be over 1000 words and I’ll create a three-part series. This works well, because it gives me ‘free’ content for other posting days.

There are though occasions when I’ll break the article up and create two or more separate posts. You can do the same.

How About You?

What is the length of your average post? Do you tend to write shorter or longer posts?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen. Found your post interesting. I don't stick to a word count with my posts. I should give it a try and see what happens.

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, Susanne, I do a word count specifically because I know I'll be putting the article on Ezine Articles. And, if the article is long enough, I have two posts with one article. Then there is the guest posting and their word count requirements, ect.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dr John Yeoman said...

Karen, that's an interesting question! I've studied it at some length. Last year, I guest posted more than 80 times across 24 sites. Here's what I found: short posts of 400-700 words pulled a lot of comments (mostly silly ones) but few clickthroughs. And they didn't convert to sale ie. few visitors signed up to my free writing newsletter. Why? Because they hadn't read enough to know what they were clicking on.

Longer posts of 800-1400 words got few comments, but each comment was thoughtful. My conversion to sale from the clickthroughs was magnificent. Why? Folk knew whatthey were clicking on, and they were serious folk.

The posts I now run at my own blog at Writers' Village average 1000-1400 words and each post gains 80-130 comments. So I'll vote for long posts!

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

John, doing your own analysis is the best way to find what works for you. There are a number of sites that use longer posts - this is the first time there's been proof of there power.

I think my posts average around 600-800, but I have to shorten them for sites like Ezine Articles and WOW! Women on Writing.

I guess the audience you're writing for plays a factor in what's needed.

It makes sense that people who take the time to read a longer post will give more relevant comments. Interesting.

Thanks so much for your input!